Is Alex Jones’ Infowars and Prison Planet Traffic Down Due to Google Fake News Fact Check?

Throughout 2017, Google has worked diligently to clean up “Fake News” in Google News and Google Search results. This can be extremely difficult as millions of stories are published every single day. In an effort to combat fake news, Google created a Fact Check tag┬áthat shows up in Google News results. Users can offer feedback as to whether news is real or fake. There has also been a “suggested search fact check” for searchers.

There were many rumors floating around the web that Google created a team to manually penalize or remove websites that were blatantly attempting to get traffic with sensational or exaggerated news. Some “theorists” even claimed that Alex Jones’ websites Infowars and Prison Planet were first on the chopping block for Google.

It is quite clear Google has not blacklisted or as a search for “Infowars Google Fake News Penalty” results in articles at the top of search.

In the month of April 2017, traffic was down 24.68% and was down 29.28% according to SimilarWeb. During the same month, was up 4.77% and was down 4.4%. was up 2.98%.

There are sure to be many online debates as to whether Google is influencing search results in favor of liberal content versus conservative content. Google is a business that has the goal of providing the best search results for its users. If you think they have a political agenda, that is strictly your opinion and not a fact.

As with most conspiracy theorists, everyone is out to get Alex Jones and his websites. An author at Infowars has recently claimed that Google and George Soros are behind “fake news” on “internet privacy”.

Do you think Google has placed a manual penalty on Alex Jones’s websites? Is this the cause for a significant drop in traffic in April 2017? We would love your thoughts in the comments below.


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