How Instagram Changed the Fitness and Nutrition Industry

It is simply amazing how Instagram has changed the fitness and nutrition industry. Back in the day, when I was in college, there were no posting of progress pictures or the clean meal in which you were eating. Motivation was found from within or in magazines such as Muscle Media. While I had a firm grasp of the growth of the Internet I never thought social media would change the fitness and nutrition industry so much.


Now, on any given day, there are millions of pictures uploaded to Instagram with fitness and nutrition hashtags. One of my very close friends finds her morning motivation through Instagram. When she gets up she scrolls through her Instagram feed which is all fitness accounts. This encourages her to get out of bed and hit the gym to do cardio or lift weights. When Instagram added video it was perfect for those that do yoga or Crossfit.

Instagram is the Place for Fitness Freaks

I would never call myself a fitness freak but I have been known to be a gym rat at different times in my life. Before I picked up the game of golf I went to the gym six times a week and was there for over an hour each day. My golf game takes up a little more time now so I tend to go to the gym only three or four days a week. That said, I have a very good understanding of the industry and the psychology behind working out and getting in shape.

As noted earlier, in the past we had to buy magazines or find fitness partners to motivate us to get to the gym. In my high school and college years my best friend was also my gym partner. Whenever one of us felt like taking a day off we would do our best to motivate that person to get to the gym. It is much easier to get motivated when you know you have someone working out with you.

Instagram is the place on the Internet for those that are looking to get in shape. It simply makes sense because those wanting to get in shape want to improve how they look. What better place to see how people look than an app that is sharing photos. If Instagram were around when I was in high school or college I am quite certain I would have been very active. Today, I do not want to get caught up in all the drama that is caused by liking photos and leaving comments.

Will Instagram Continue to Grow with the #FitFam?

I think so. At this point, Instagram is the one social media app that is not cluttered. That does not mean that won’t change in the near future. If Facebook sees revenues drop there is a good chance they will start throwing ads all over the place much like Twitter did. Twitter does not work as well for fitness because pictures do not show up as well in a feed.

As long as Instagram is the place to go to share photos I believe it will continue to grow with the fitness family all over the world. It has connected millions of fitness minded people and that is a great thing. Now, let’s try to limit those hashtags a little bit!

Yoga Videos on Instagram

One of the most popular trends on Instagram is yoga videos. Now that Instagram videos actually loop without having to press the play button every time these yoga videos are extremely helpful. One of the most followed Instagram yoga accounts is KinoYoga. She does a fantastic job of offering motivation along with tips on becoming more flexible.

If you are just getting into yoga I would strongly suggest jumping on Instagram and checking out some of the yoga accounts. You will be shocked at how much you can learn in such a short period of time. Many of these yoga celebrities work together so make sure to read their captions and you will be able to find other yogis that are doing a fantastic job on Instagram. Taking the time to search hashtags will allow you to find all kinds of valuable Instagram accounts that are offering advice and encouragement.

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