Instagram vs. Facebook: 2017 College Edition

These days you may think Facebook is the big man on campus. Hell, your parents probably still do. They see you posting fun pictures of your new apartment and having dinner with your friends but little do they know you are using Instagram for the “true you”.

I know I’m using Instagram for so many reasons. For one, Instagram is for all of my drunken late night adventures. Because ALL of my friends need to know that Tina and I got wasted off of our good friend Jose last night. Plus am I even cool if I don’t have at least three-fourths of my followers liking my photo? Probably not. Might as well commit social suicide now. Also, how will I know if my new boy toy is just telling me that he doesn’t like that girl in is class if he likes all of her photos? Like does he know I can see that? Can’t do that now can you, Facebook.

With Facebook on the other hand, my parents think I’m a total angel. I study all the time and take fun quizzes with my friends, what could their little girl possibly do wrong? They don’t know that I took that picture in the library yesterday and saved it just to post on my Friday night so they think I’m not going out and getting hammered with my friends. And bless grandmas little old heart for barely figuring out how to use the thing just so she can check in on me just to make sure I’m still alive out there in the world.

So basically the goal is to keep your Facebook so mom, dad and granny know you’re doing okay and get the Insta so all the cool kids on campus think you’re what I like to call hot shit.

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