Instagram “Sorry There was a Problem with Your Request” Error Message

UPDATE: We have learned this error is a bug in the latest release of the Instagram app. It does not have to do with Internet or LTE speed connection. Hopefully, in the next several days, Instagram will fix this bug and there won’t be an issue for users. In the meantime, you are going to have to deal with the error message. Comment below if you are still getting the message and the date and time in which you are seeing it.

Over the last several days, a number of people have contacted us about the “sorry there was a problem with your request” error on Instagram. They have asked if they have an issue if their account or if Instagram is down. This error tends to occur most when you have a weak wifi Internet connection or your have gone out of LTE or 4G service. If you are trying to update your Instagram in a dead zone as far as coverage, you will likely see this error.

When you see this error, you may want to try and reconnect to your wifi or wait until you are in an area in which there is stronger cell phone coverage. If you have been traveling to remote parts of the United States or extremely small towns, it may be the case that you can’t upload a picture or comment on a post because the connection is so poor.

If you continue to see this error message on Instagram you may need to log out and log back in. This has seemed to help some users.

Once you get this working again, you will likely want to see a private Instagram. There are a few work arounds that could help you creep on that ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

370 thoughts on “Instagram “Sorry There was a Problem with Your Request” Error Message

  1. Rim

    Ive just tried to login using my app but it didn’t work … still appearing the same message , though i can open my account through the website ….

          1. Jayla

            SAME FCKN THING BRUH😡😡😡😡 bring on instagram on web browser is agg its so damn slow. Can instagram fix this shit plz!!!!!!

          2. Sofia

            My Instagram doing the same thing it been doing that since 2 weeks now i only can log on into someone else phone but not mine🤦🏾‍♀️

          3. Blake

            Feb 18-2018 I went as far as opened a ticket because mine was stuck on a verify your account loop along with the “Sorry, there’s a problem” error. I was not informed of a bug and was in fact just told they had no solution & to refer to the help page. I of course went through the help page before opening the ticket….

            epic fail

      1. Emer

        I kept trying , and I have connection. I deleted the apps and downloaded it agian , and it keeps saying “there is a problem with your request” . No one else is on my acc.. pls fix this bug soon! I got in the acc on my iPad , but I keep trying to get in with my phone! Pls fix it soon or help!!$

        1. Apurva

          I have same problem but it didn’t open on my phone, iPad , also on my laptop every where i tried it keep me showing the mssg that “there was a problem with your request

          1. anonymous

            september 4th and i still can’t get into my account. it’s been happening since november last year

        1. Jolene

          Same with me, i wanna make another account and its not letting me and im gettin really tired of it, so please fix this, cause i love this app so much

          1. Latina

            I can’t log on my phone but it lets me log on my sisters phone and on the internet…I am pissed about this and don’t know wtf is going on I deleted it and downloaded it again,reset my settings,and it still doesnt want to work

      1. Isabella

        Same this happened to me two days ago… I tried everything to get it back but it won’t let me. I really hope this gets fixed immediately!!

        1. Isabelle

          Same, tried to log into all three of my account, each one threw out the ‘Sorry, something went wrong with your request’ message. Please fix this!!

      2. LilMama

        i had logged out then it said that and a couple of days ago it did that and it let me log back in buhh this time it didn’t oct.21

    1. Kali Ritchie

      Mine is doing the same thing?? It won’t let me log back into my account and I’ve changed my password three times

        1. ayush

          I also face the same problem bro, the solution is ” reset your phone and sign up with a new gmail account, then reinstall instagram app and you will be able to login to your account back” the problem occured because instagram has blocked your ip address .

    2. Bella Lee

      My internet connection is fine, but every time I try to login to instagram it always says “sorry, there was a problem with your request” it’s super annoying

      1. taay

        fr tho i got logged out & tried to log back in & got that message . going off google to get on instagram is so annoying its slow & you cant even check yout dms 🤔i been off instagram for three weeks now because of that message keep popping up my connection is GOOD fix this problem TODAY !

    3. Sarah

      same.. and it’s been like this for over a week now I can not log into any of my pages. I have 2 of them😭. My other one was deleted but why is my other ones unable to be accessed????? FIX THIS PLEASEEEEE

      1. Yasmine McNair

        Yeah I been off my F****** INSTAGRAM FOR ALMOST 1 month ! This is ridiculous I did everything and nothing works !!! INSTAGRAM GET YALL SHIT TOGETHER AND FIX THIS WTF

    4. Mathew

      Same here man I got my account terminated FOR NO FUCKING REASON and I was pissed then I just made a new one on my internet browser because the app won’t work… I had that account for 2 years 😡😡😡

      1. Steven Villafana

        Same dude. But mines worse. It said they disabled my account and i did absolutely nothing wrong. I can’t even make a new account. I emailed saying they made a mistake on disabling my account because i did follow the guidlines. They havent rellied back and its been like 4 days! This account meant so much to me!!

        1. Rogers Newman

          Sameee. I can’t even log into any other accounts, I just been spamming them about it, it’s getting really irritating at this point cause there’s no other way to contact these fools.

    5. Trevor

      Bruh thisnis pissing me off, its been displaying the same ‘problem with your request’ message on my account for T W O M O N T H S, i can log into my other account but not my main (the one with the error)

    6. sina

      this error means that instagram server has banned your phone android id so you cant login with your phone (not your acount)
      there is 2 ways to solve this problem
      1. for rooted device : download “android id changer” app and change you id!

      2. for none rooted devices the only way is factory data reset

      i hope this was helpfull

    7. Ayesha Vohra (cutenexx._.overloaded)

      Same yrr…help me smone..plzz..its to log in…plzz..I don’t HV sprare phone too…plzz…fix fast as u can..plzz
      😢😢instagram..humble request to uh

    8. Deonte Mitchell

      I absolutely hate this bug problem now, this shit happened to me just yesterday. All I wanted to do was switch accounts and that didn’t even work. I’m just wondering what bug fixes and improvements they are really doing?

    9. Tamara Lewis


    10. Jaay

      When I try to login it’s says “sorry there was a problem with your request” but when I was logged in my comments wouldn’t upload but I can be on instagram online 🙄

    11. Caitlin

      I have a Nook tablet that I just bought today so I thought it was just because of my tablet but now I see other people are having the same problem as me. I tried to do the “forgot password” thing but when I cooked to sign in through my Google account, it still had the error message. If anyone finds out how to log in with this problem, please contact me.

    12. Dimee

      Me too the insta app doesn’t work on my phone but it do on some other peoples phone but u can login through the internet that’s crazy.

    13. Kat

      Bro same and I’m getting fucking pissed and it keeps doing the same thing and if they don’t fix it… 😡😡😡🔥

    14. Nina

      I’ve been trying over the last 2 weeks n still not working . I’ve tried deleting it multiple times and still the same results.

    15. ShaMiyah

      December 16, 2017 at 4:17pm
      Ive Tried To Log In Usin The App But I Wouldnt Let Me It Keeps Sayin “sorry there was a problem with your request” & I dont Kno what To do.

    16. Stacy

      I cant log in to my instagram it says sorry their was a problem with your request! Is getting me pissed can anyone help me please! Its been like this for two weeks!! Dec24

    17. Aliyah

      Me too… Instagram needs to fix this quickly. I never even realised how much time I spend on Insta so now I’m just constantly bored. 😭😭

    18. Theresa

      This is happening to me as well, I keep getting this message whether I try to log in on my phone or the computer and all the tricks I’ve read are not working. I was on my personal instagram yesterday, logged off to check out my business account and was unable to log back into my personal instagram since then

    19. angiewangie0515

      Well I have been going through this for more than 24 hours and I CANNOT open my instagram through the website…

    20. Lizzie C

      I have not been able to get onto my Instagram for about 5 days now it’s keeps saying sorry we cannot make that request right now but I can log into my account on my old phone or internet browser

    21. Lizzie C

      I have been having this problem for a little over a week now and it’s so aggravating!!!! I have done everything from deleting the app changing my password deactivating my account but nothing works it wont let me use the app!! Instagram plz notice and fix this!!!!

  2. Taylor

    Been happening to me and my boyfriend as well as my brother over the past week! Every time we try to log in we get that message.

  3. Aru

    Uh I cant log in to all my accounts from all my phones it always shows up that message and when I try to log in using my sister phone I can, I can use website too but cant use DM so pls help.
    My friend said that it happened to her and the only way to fix it is to reset the phone but for real it happens to all my phone this is crazY I need help 🆘

  4. Ella

    I’ve changed my password. Updated my phone. Re-installed Instagram. It isnt working my friend (who has no Wi-Fi at home) is able to log into my account but I can’t even though I have Wi-Fi.

  5. tayler

    i’ve deleted insta.
    changes my password.
    emailed instagram help services.
    verified that i’m the owner of the account
    gotten log in links

  6. Olie oswick

    Its the 10th may and i have 2 accounts one main and one backup and I can’t seem to Get onto any

  7. Alessia

    I just had this problem today and I am super mad. My friends can log in thru their phones but i can’t thru mine. I can thru my laptop but not thru my phone

  8. aaraalan_

    Also happned to me yesterday i.cannot login whenever i try it says there is a problem with your request now water to do anybody pleAse tell

  9. Alex

    Are they gonna fix this stupid bug??????? I can’t log in to my account but it works when i try it on my friends phone… WTF

  10. Eve

    omgggg this has been happening to me for a week and its driving me crazy! please fix this stupid bug already.

  11. Nick

    It happens with me too, i cant login my account, been like this almost a month, i log in with my wife phone can, but with my phone it can’t Being strees with instagram nowdays.!

  12. bastii

    same here… nothing seems to work.
    what I also recognised beforehand was:
    when I switched on wifi (using mobile data beforehand) and still being in the instagram app, it wouldn’t refresh/reload data… I had to quit the app completely in order to reload a page e.g…
    some days after that I also got this error message and I’m not able to log into my account anymore (on mobile devices)

  13. Usamah Amir

    It’s sucks me m able to use the main Instagram app but unable to use Instagram linked apps same issue they all are showing the same text 👉(sorry there is a problem with your request) oh gosh if I wants to login my Instagram user name and password what’s the problem Instagram am not able to do so from any device I think it’s the problem with my account.Help me if u ppl have any solution

    1. 1prince.jay

      This is so annoying two days ago they deleted my main account and now Instagram isn’t allowing me to login into my other page. Hurry up and fix this.

  14. Kshvchandel

    The error should be same plz help in chrome theye can run but in insta aap theye gave the error plz help this problem

  15. Alessia

    I reinstalled the insta app more than 8 times.
    I reset my phone more than 5 times.
    Changed my password.
    Sent over 30 emails and texts to help log in back to my account
    Disabled my accounts and enabled them back
    I even created a fake facebook so I could try and log in

  16. Edita

    I get this message in five days ,i need my Instagram back some People told me that my Instagram is banned but i can’t log in …i never create fake accounts i have MJ fanpage and art account People REPORT me yes,haters …but i wish to get my IG page back to log in normal with username ,password soon ….it makes me depressive and sad

  17. Kiaa danielle

    Ok so , I just gotten my instagram back…..But every time I try to login on the app it says “ sorry , there was a problem with your request ” but I can still login on instagram on the web…someone help 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    1. Dakota

      I’ve been trying to get on both of my Instagram accounts since 5-11-17 and can’t get on still and it’s 5-15-17… I can only get on through the website and I’m very upset 😭😭

  18. Vanity

    Same here. Same message its almost been a week. I think there is a bug. I contacted Instagram still no response they just asked for my identification. I can’t log in through external apps for my instagram. 🙁

  19. Sally

    Its been almost 1 week since i cant log in to my insta account. I keep get the message “Sorry there was a problem with your request”. I deactivated my account and when i went on my phone to re-active it, i got back into my account but then after a few hours i got logged out and now i still get the same fuckin message. What shall I do????????

  20. Julian

    I have this error / bug for about more than a half year!! Fix your things Instagram before adding new features like stories.. Make everything okay without bugs before adding new things!!!

  21. william

    Same here! It sucks because that’s my way to get money as my main business marketing channel is through instagram and now i cannot login to my instagram. I can login with my personal account but not with my business account! Instagram pls just fix this thing

  22. Didier Beckworth

    Out of the blue my account iamrexkless got logged out of the app from a email I got saying my account had suspicious activity so you guys changed my password I changed it back but then a error piped up stating that there was a error with my request seems to happen with every single phone I try to use on the app to log in the only way I can log in is by using safari can I please get some help to get back into my account on the app Still happening today on may 17 2017 been 3 days

  23. Christa

    Mine just started doing this last night I can only log into one not all of my instas and I’m pissed

  24. Jimmy

    Can one of you geeks figure it out please. Come on nerds, hurry up and do something.
    If I was a nerd I would help everyone. Hurry the fuk up guys

  25. jade

    this started happening to me about five hours ago. literally nothing works, i went through youtube tutorials, i deactivated my account, deleted and re installed the app, re started my phone so many times and guess what?! NOTHING WORKED ive contacted instagram non stop. insta has become the only way for me to keep contact with some of the most closest people in my life (they have no other form of social media or number) and its honestly so frustrating. i see people have had this problem for months and thats crazy!! instagram needs to fix this shit instead of trying to be snapchat and twitter. dios mio

  26. Liz Sedgwick

    I am unable to login through the app either- I get the “sorry there was a problem with your request” message. I’ve reset my password, deleted and reinstalled the app, wiped my phone clean and started from scratch and even had an account recovery help by insta support. I still can’t login through the app. I can through a web browser, but am missing a lot of functionality I need for my business page. This all started when I logged out to change the password, because I couldn’t remember it. I will never log out again!

  27. Madison Price

    This is happening to me right now, literally 2 weeks after I was hired to run 3 social media accounts for a business. I can access my personal account now, thank god. You have to log in to your Instagram on someone else’s phone and then link it to your Facebook. Delete the app on your iPhone, re-install it, and sign in via Facebook. It worked for me, after I tried literally everything else. But I’m still locked out of all the business accounts, which is affecting my livelihood.

    How is it possible that Instagram has done nothing to correct this issue? HOW? I’m so frustrated.

    1. Madison Price

      Seriously guys, try this. It worked on my iPhone 6! I still can’t access any of my linked accounts, but I can access my personal one through Facebook.

  28. Elaszia Rodriguez

    This has been happening for the past three weeks i havent been able to log into instagram. Ive deactivated my account, installed and reinstalled, reset my phone and even tried to make a new account. Nothings worked.

  29. Jay

    Wow I can’t believe I’m not the only one having this problem. Its horrible I have a main account and a back up and when I try to log in it keeps says that.

  30. PichPich

    I can log in Instagram in web browser and Instagram application ios normally but i can’t signin with other applications and it’s said signin error and there’s a problem with your request! Can this be fix?

  31. Rian D.

    I am having the same issue as of May 20, 2017! This is a huge problem as I cannot access any of my accounts! Please fix this soon, best of luck!

  32. Yamilex

    Its May 20 started May 14
    Yeah I have been like this for probably a week now and I have no idea why? The “sorry there was and errorwith your request”, I have contacted instagram so many times and nothing please fix this problem instagram! I love this app and its been helping me with spreading my art, and now that I cant do that hurts me. Please fix this problem as soon as possible.

    1. Holli Anderson

      I’ve been having the same issue. I know it’s annoying as hell, but you can get a chrome extension to change the desktop view of insta into the app view on you desktop. It will work just like the app. But that still doesn’t fix the problem and I am starting to lose hope that insta will ever fix this. It seems like they don’t even care about their users.

  33. Raiden

    i’ve been trying to do this since friday and it really sucks. i can log on in chrome but not on the app

  34. Yasir

    Everyday I try to login I get the same message I do not know what I have to do. why why why 😢 please please please I beg you fix it

  35. Rian D.

    I’ve been having this problem since May 18 or 19 and it is now May 23 and I still can’t log in through any account. My friends and family with IPhones are having no problem at all but I have a Samsung Galaxy No. 5 and I think this bug is only happening for Android users.

  36. praise

    I can’t login my account it keeps showing ‘there’s is problem with your request ‘ I have reset my password, nothing still

  37. sam

    been dealing with this issue for 2 weeks now and its madly disappointing how instagram still hasn’t fixed this issue. It just shows that they aren’t paying attention to the problems they really need to solve. Ever since this happened, I moved to twitter. lol, 10x better.

  38. Sara a

    I have the same problem, I can login in on my ipad , but I cannot login in on my iphone 😭😭 ( I recently change my cellphone) I try every possible solution but it doesn’t work for me, At the end I deactive and when I log in on iPhone It works but Today I log out and again I have this error and I cannot log in on iPhone😔😖

  39. Yaspis

    I logged out for like 30 min and now I can’t log back in it keeps saying ” sorry there’s a problem with your request ” please fix this

  40. christy

    if you can’t get back into your account but you’re logged in with the email that’s on your account on your phone, you can type in your username and go to forgot password and it should log you in once you click the next arrow.

  41. April

    I tried linking a 2nd acct to my main one, and that’s when it went to hell. Logged me out of my main acct, never let me link anything, and now trying to get back into my main acct and my only acct, I get that unholy error “Sorry there was a problem with your request.” I don’t have wifi at home, and my mobile data is maxed quickly so it already loads unbelievably slow. Now I’m going to the nearest wifi spot to see if I can log in. I have been able to get into the desktop version then change the view to mobile viewing and keep getting the prompt to open it with the app, which is a joke. I CAN’T OPEN IT WITH THE APP OR I WOULD’VE DONE SO INSTEAD OF USING the joke that is the desktop version. No dm, and it is a crap shoot on what you’re able to see and/or comment on and/or like. Not being able to like comments on what others have left thru the desktop version, also extremely annoying. To stay in touch with close contacts or people I know who are waiting on a reply from me, I have been going back to a really old post on my acct, and commenting directly to them. (I.e. Hey @username, I don’t have access to my DM, so I am having to reach you this way. Can’t access the damn ig app AGAIN, and the desktop version is about as useful as a golf helmet.) Seriously SO FRUSTRATING and unprofessional if you’re using this as a way to run a business. Resetting the login link, logging in with fb, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and restarting phone have not worked. About to just pull the plug on insta and go elsewhere. Great for networking, nut the platform is pretty much crap and their “community standards guidelines” are a joke. For a private acct that is a fine art dealer, having portraits removed for showing a silhouette of a nude female in heavy shadowing is LAUGHABLE AND RIDICULOUS, and beyond insulting not to only me, but to my patrons and the artists themselves. It isn’t double penetration, it’s a breast for the love of God. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it is discrimination to treat nipples of females any differently than a man’s nipples as far as the freedom and right to be topless in public. Instagram however, still views a woman’s areolas as pornographic. Based in the U.S., I am shocked Instagram hasn’t yet been sued over their reckless and blatant disregard of something as sensitive as a ruling on discrimination. It reeks of a big brother style of monitoring and the overly used and unnecessary use of censorship is but a fine line from being a dictatorship. Instagram, who is supposedly pro art and freedom of expression, has become one of the biggest laughing stocks in the art world as far as social media goes. Fuck ig…I need a drink.

  42. Lajuicy

    Plsssss fix this, I keep getting the same message “sorry there was a problem with your request. It’s been going on for a week now. It’s so frustrating and very annoying…And it started on may 24. And today is may 31 2017. Please instagram fix this.

  43. Jim

    I was able to log in on my iPad as if nothing wrong but I get the “Sorry” message on my iPhone. The iPad allows me to upload photos and send messages. My iPhone hasn’t worked on Instagram for about 2 months.

  44. jenna

    this has me so mad I use Instagram a lot not, I wanted to fix the “sorry” message by disabling my account and now I can’t login I tried deleting Instagram, getting through Facebook, changing passwords, getting in through email nothing works!!!

  45. Archna Singh

    I cannot log into my account despite the fact that instagram have sent me password reset mails twice.

    I was asked to submit my identity documents which i successfully did.

    they keep sending me this mail over and over again but its not resolving my problem. Writing to Instagram is like talking to a wall. its clear that they are not even reading the mails.

  46. Sw3

    i have the same problem about 10 days and send a email to instagram and they just replyed:

    We appreciate you taking the time to contact us, but unfortunately we can’t support this type of request through this channel.
    We won’t be able to take any further action on this report. Visit the Help Center to find the best way to report this kind of issue

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😐

  47. Donia ayman

    It logged me out of my 3 accounts and once I tried to log in again, it showed me that message and I can’t even sign up to a new instagram account’s 3 june

  48. Yamilex T.

    Its June 5 and I was here in the starr of May why hasnt instagram fixed this problem yet???🤔 We all are having the same problems and it is important for us to get access to our accounts again.

  49. Ian Connor

    I can only log into my main account, but on all my devices, i cant add another account or sign into any other account other than my main one without it saying, “Sorry, there was a problem with your request”. It might be because they banned my secondary account for “spamming”, but i cant even sign into any other account than my main one.

  50. Vanity

    Hey guys so my account started working again and I can login to third party apps too after the new update. I think instagram will fix the issue by themselves for you guys too just have faith

  51. Mike Jones

    It’s a device ban issue. The account is accessible with chrome and other devices but the security system with IG has elected to ban device ID’s.

    There is no fix around this unless they make changes on their end.

    Your device is banned.

  52. Shayan

    I still cant login to my account and this shitty msg jus start
    There is a problem with your request
    Whyyy ?
    Fixxxxx my account pleasee

  53. Drea

    Its june 11 2017 and im having the exact same problem and my wifi is prefectly fine. I try to log in and it wont let me and im getting extremely frustrated

  54. Anastaseaya

    Since 05.05.17 I received the “sorry there was a problem with your request” message and it’s June 12th now and I STILL can’t get in. I can only access the app through my moms phone but not my iPhone. Idk what to do. Browser SUCKS. but that’s the only way I can get on.

  55. Nicole

    I have had this problem since around October or November of 2016 and I’ve tried legit everything. It’s annoying the crap out of me because I can log into my account on the website, my friends’ phones, and my iPad but not my iPhone. I’ve changed my password 3 times, updated my phone, changed the email associated with my account, and nothing is working. I’m sick and tired of it and it’s ridiculous.

  56. Ian Connor

    For some reason it has gone away now for me. I think these problem are happening because our apple ID/google account or device have been involved with some Instagram account that has broken rules, and gotten temporarily banned from adding/ signing in/ creating new accounts.

  57. sarah a

    Hi everyone! :))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Try this solution :

    1) Deactivate your account from web
    2) after a few hours log in from app on your device
    It worked for me.

  58. Jaedyn

    I have had this problem for many weeks and I can login to the app on my iPad but I cannot login on the app on my iPhone. Please fix this it is annoying.

  59. Navneet Gohain

    When I noticed that my Instagram feed’s not getting updated I felt something was up. When the problem continued I tried reinstalling the app(as suggested on the internet). But when I tried to log in after reinstalling it doesn’t work. It shows “request timed out “. Even the “account login help” thing doesn’t work.
    Please help

  60. Bella g

    I can’t log in my Instagram and thus started like 3 or 4 days ago & I’ve searched on YouTube and google but nothing is working .. Someobe please help me.

  61. Mobin

    Hi everyone…
    I have this problem too!!!
    And I do not know what else I should do!!!
    What is the reason!?
    Will Instagram fix this bug!?

  62. Abby Merrell

    i have been getting the error message since march and it’s definitely not a bug otherwise i would be able to log in. i’m absolutely furious. is there any way i can contact instagram to get it fixed?

  63. lamar

    LOL. Do you think instagram cares really. There are thousands of peoples phones affected (infected) or something and they could care less. People can’t even get a response from them let alone a fix. Zuck knows what up. Somebody somewhere release a Trojan horse in there system and they can’t figure it out

  64. Cherry

    It’s been two weeks and I still can’t log in unless I’m using Safari which is really stupid cause I can’t check my DM’s. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

  65. Gen

    My instagram account is showing a error message when I try I login from last night and it’s not accepting my password .
    What could be the reason?

  66. Cherry

    I’m bout ready to sue someone or file some serious shit. This needs to be fixed ASAP. This ain’t cool anymore

  67. Javon

    So I got the error message today and I really just wanna log back in to my account. I’ve tried to uninstall it and reinstall nothing seems to help Instagram needs to fix it.

  68. Kemani Curtis

    Its been a few days and i cant log in. Every time i put in my username and password. It says “sorry there was a problem with your request”. I did the thibg when it emails you and let’s you log in on there. It saus the same thing “sorry there was a problem with your request”. I emailed you guys 2 days ago and you still haven’t enailed me back. This whole thing is sp frustrating. And thhe crazy part is. I can log in on my browser but not the app. How does thay work?

  69. Nina

    This been happening for about 3 days now it log me out of 3 of my IG and when I try to log in this error pop up like come one hurry and fix this yo.

  70. Landin kizer

    It won’t let me log in on the app it keeps on saying the same thing but I can log in on the website.

  71. Silver Fang

    I’m getting this error while trying to use Instagram in Bluestacks 2. User name and password are correct.

  72. Selena

    I am so mad! It logged me out of Instagram on accident and now no matter what I do, it won’t let me back in! Way to get rid of people! I hate it!😡 I disabled my account hoping it would work and the next few hours but it didn’t! I am very dissapointed.

  73. Steve

    i got an account being disabled for no reason and once i log out IG, all my other accounts were not able to log in anymore. I tried on phone and my new ipad. It says singup blocked!

  74. Cmb

    This error is lame as fck. I have an account with 20k followers and an active giveaway going on. I was supposed to draw the winner today. I never sign out of my account and of course the one time I do this happens 😑😒 This some BS 😩😩RIP to my online fam lmao

  75. Cmb

    Download Instagram ++
    After hours on end of failing to get the app to work, Instagram ++ works just fine, you can sign on right away. Ads are ridiculous but you can get rid of them. Hope this helps some people!

  76. Geraldine Adams

    Wth it says sorry couldn’t repeat your request????what’s the solution?? I installed it and uninstalled it multiple times. I need my account back since im running a fan account.

  77. Nick


  78. Jon

    I got this message ever since one of my accounts got disabled. I can’t log into any of my accounts on the app, but I can on the website.

  79. Kris

    Yes my god i’ve sent numerous pointless emails to instagram only to be ultimately sent to the FAQ page. It’s been going on for over 3 months and really starting to piss me the f off. I can log in on other devices and have been using just the browser version which sucks. At this point i’ve looked everywhere and found nothing to help me. I’ve kind of accepted that i will never use instagram on this phone again.

  80. Samuel lanning

    Can I please sign into my account on my iPad I swear Instagram you’re getting on my nerves first my thing gets hacked and now this. This is bullcrap people should stop using Instagram for that reason. I love Instagram I’m on it everyday but I swear these past two times are just stupid. GET MY ACCOUNT RUNNING ON THE APP NOW

  81. arahmanalqattan

    I don’t k ow what just happened today , I log put then when o tried to login again

    This appeared “sorry there is a problem with your request “

  82. Nicole Ashely powell

    Hi my account is doing this on my iPhone. So I went on my boyfriends and log in and now it won’t let him in nor me. Instagram really needs to fix this because I can’t post online or really do much at all. @nicole.powell99 @millezt.1997

  83. Liz

    i’m sick and tired of this freaking bs. i woke up today to find out one of my accounts was deleted because it didn’t follow ToS. the freak is that? I didn’t do crap to you guys! I didn’t spam, nor did I violate the freaking damn rules! but of course, they get so butthurt that it came to the point that my device was banned from logging onto any of my accounts and I just find that ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! maybe you can give me a warning, or three chances, before doing such a thing! see, this is why instagram sucks. talking to instagram is like talking to a brick wall, literally. all they do is repeat themselves and assume you did things. that’s all they like to do, honestly. delete your account and screw you up by not allowing you to log in anymore. instagram, fix your shit. you know how many spam account are out there and you decide to ban the innocent ones? that’s when you know how retarded these people are. lord, please create a better social media that doesn’t involve the creators of instagram. they freaking suck.

  84. Jon

    Everyone, don’t try all these stupid things that say “root your phone” or “download this.” Just reset your device. What happened is that Instagram IP blocked you. Make sure you back up all of your apps and other stuff before you do this.

  85. Unkown Unanimous Poser

    This literally just started doing this to me today when I got a notification that my account was disabled for posting an erotic pic… thing is, I didn’t post jack nor jill on my account. Instagram is really going downhill and I suggest someone DDoS them to teach them a lesson. I would, but I can’t get in trouble for it…

  86. athena

    I’m getting this message, i deleted the account and redownloaded it, deactivated and reactivated etc and nothing is working. But i can log onto instagram through web not app. only account i got into was my main because its connected to my Facebook. august 14th

  87. Brendan

    I’m using phone number (when I use email and ask for code from sending number it’s the same problem) but it just says there’s a problem and it won’t let me make an acct, which is annoying

  88. Twyla_dabs

    Still happening! My main Instagram account won’t login on my phone or computer which leads me to believe that it’s an IP address issue. For some strange reason, all three of my accounts have remained logged in on my tablet, but I am way too scared to log out and try to log back in because I’m pretty sure that won’t work and they don’t have zero access to my account. I read somewhere up the line about resetting the phone? I wonder if this is actually going to work. Obviously Instagram does not care about the quality of its products at all. When you go into the help section it takes you to a Facebook help section.

  89. Twyla_dabs

    Same thing is still happening Karma I can find my account through other people’s accounts so it’s not gone, I just can’t get into it through my phone or my laptop. I get the feeling my main account has been flagged or something because I tried to login on my computer to the other two accounts first and it allowed me, then when I tried to login as my main account, it locked up and went to Facebook error page on the laptop. Do you think they’re ever going to get this figured out? It seems ridiculous that we can’t even create new accounts

  90. KG

    Mine has been doing this for the past 3 days now…. i can log in perfectly fine on a pc, on my ipad or if i go to on my cell….. but for some reason i cannot log in via the app on my phone. I keep receiving that same error message. I have tried EVERYTHING that people suggest even contacting Instagram support & nothing is working to resolve this….. PLEASE FIX YOUR ERROR INSTAGRAM!

  91. Nay

    I’m so upset that I can’t log into my Instagram because it’s keep saying “sorry there’s a problem with your request ” please fix this problem asap .

  92. gags solid

    I have got frustrate with this problem.. it’ been 2 mnths … i can’t login in app but can login in browsers but there is no dm facility please fix it soon

  93. Md sameer ahmed

    I reinstall it many times the same msg is appearing please fix it fastly its very urgent to get the account in my phone plz fix it

  94. Vleny Maggie

    Its almost been a month now and I can’t login in to my account. I even tried reinstalling Instagram app, yet it didn’t work and I’m sure it has nothing to do with wifi connection , pls you guys should fix the problem as soon as possible.

  95. Aj

    Today I had reinstalled instagram now it’s saying “Sorry there’s a problem with your request “ I’m very confused does it mean I can’t get back on Instagram

  96. Charles

    I just had this problem today and its really frustrating they need o fix this immediately cause this is unacceptable i like Instagram very much that the only thing i get on

  97. Trapasses

    Legit Oct 23rd, been having this problem for about 2 months.

    Login works fine on the computer, I temporarily disabled my account and all that jazz to try and get it working again. But it wont work, hopefully they get this problem fixed soon

  98. Brendan Goldstein

    Trying to advertise/give you my money Instagram… About to disable account and be done with IG. Lost my last account to a hacker 3 months ago and no support, now can’t even advertise as I’m building up my account again. Extremely unprofessional.

  99. Pratika

    This bug is seriously irritating . I’m unable to login my account from a long while. Will instagram take necessary steps asap to solve this bug.I get the same msg everytym whenever I try to login my account. It’s been 2weeks I’m unable to login my account

  100. wck

    I have same error and solved it by phone factory reset. I can now login instagram with same device. Hope this can help !

  101. Peyton

    This is so dumb the same thing is happening to me!!! I’m seriously frustrated… I have tried everything but resetting my entire phone, which i really really don’t want to do

  102. Marica Martinez

    Exact same thing with me. I can log in through other phones but my phone will no longer allow me to access my ig through my app. So I’m stuck using web browser and its horrible I cant even check my dms.makes me want to deactivate my account entirely whats going on with this?

  103. Marica Martinez

    Also don’t tell me to uninstall and re install app. Done that. Changed passwords too. Tried logging in through fb too. Done it all. Same thing happened with my fiance and he bought the new iPhone and now he’s able to get on his app but for the longest ever since he logged out of his ig and tried getting back in it said problem serving your request. So he was stuck using internet browser. And I have a galaxy s8

  104. DJ

    Instagram is pissing me off. This whole fucking problem is a pain in the ass. I spend all of my time on this app and they can’t even appreciate that if it was for the people who use there app there wouldn’t be an Instagram. fix the problem or you will start loosing your fans to snap chat and other social media apps. Don’t be stupid Instagram fix this problem it’s happened to my phone an the browser ig is shitty. I’m just saying.

  105. Savannah

    I have been trying for 2 days to sign into my Instagram account keeps saying sorry there was an problem with your request how do I know that this is Instagram down or if someone reported my account or something I can’t seem to get back in😢😠

  106. Ethan

    It says “sorry there was an error with your request no madder what i do, it still wont work even when i email my self.

  107. Isa

    Guys u can log in if u use a computer just not ur cellphones mines works on the computers but on my phone it doesn’t Instagram better fix this sh$t

  108. Chris

    I always log out from my account and i’m not being able to log back in because of this message… plus a have a fair connection and i have updates instagram to try to solve the problem but even that did not work

  109. brenda

    i️ logged out for a second bc i️ needed to delete the app and re download if bc it was gliching and now i️ can’t get back in for the past 3 weeks .

  110. Michelle Becker

    My friend logged out of one of my instagrams and ever since he did that none of my instagrams will log into my new apple device. When will this be fixed I can get on instagram!!! I noticed this on November 28,2017

  111. Victoria Garcia

    I got logged out of my instagram dec 1 and I still can not get into it! I’ve restarted my phone and have deleted and reinstalled the app still no use.

  112. fuck you

    I can’t believe Instagram sees all this & doesn’t give a single shit.

    You can call them too & they say we can’t call you back or check the website as if we didn’t do that before calling.

    Instagram sucks they don’t give a shit about feedback that’s an ACTUAL PROBLEM

  113. dxddy.jujuu

    I’ve Been awaiting Forever And It Still Hasnt Been Able To Let Me Log In I Haven’t Checked My DMs In Forever Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  114. Erica

    It’s been doing this to me and yesterday I temporarily disabled my account and today it logged me back in😊(I disabled my account on my friends phone.) If this doesn’t work then I tried.

  115. nadia mchendry

    i logged out of my instagram account for not even a minute and it says it can not complete my request. its january 22 1018!!

  116. Linsey

    It will not let me log in on my iPhone but would let me log in on my tablet so I did some research and temporarily disabled my account and it said for four hours hopefully that works.

  117. Amari

    It’s currentlt January 23 2018 and I have yet to get into my account I wasn’t able to get in for MONTHS this is really bugging me

  118. User

    My account has been dissolved with the same problem for two days, about an hour ago I sent Instagram a message and mi first account has already been activated (I can get in again) I suggest you try this

  119. Lashelle Rice

    My Instagram is doing the same thing. I change my password twice, I reinstalled the app a couple times , I even tried to request some support from Instagram and it won’t let me request it.

  120. Trina

    oml I’m upset .. the same thing is happening to me and it’s been like that since this morning I’m tired of seeing that pop up EVERYTIME I try to login. Instagram please fix this bug NOW!

  121. Renea

    All four of my accounts locked up last night (2.9.18) after I setup a new one(4th one) now I cannot log into it to upload pic!! Nor can I login to any of them! Please help if you can!!!!

  122. Lakia

    I’m Unable To Log In on The Instagram App. It Gives Me A Message Saying ( Sorry There’s A Problem With Your Request)

  123. sira

    it’s doing that to me too!! I logged out of my business account and couldn’t log back in so I delete the app and of course it logs me out of all my accounts so now I can’t even use instagram bc of that dumb error!! it only lets me log in through the web and on my ipad

  124. Jennifer Kiltz

    Sorry there’s been a problem with your request?? On the app. Please fix was able to get in during the morning now I can’t. What is this. Tried restarting the phone and deleting and reinstallING the app a d now trying the deactivate temporarily thing. But nothing so far. Fix this.


    You all got banned. Either you said or did something IG didn’t like, so they IP banned all of you. You’ve gotta reset your phone and DON’T use a backup unless the backup was made BEFORE you got banned.

  126. Destiny

    i don’t know why instagram not letting me log into my account it’s been like 3 or 4 hours when it’s doing this they just need to let me back into my account thank you

  127. Imma

    this shit is fucking getting on my nerves right now and i can’t even fucking deal! shit ain’t funny it better be corrected IG… you better no mess with me IG… u are nearly much of my recreation damn it

  128. Jason

    Hello google users,
    I accidentally logged out of my account when I was on instagram and I tried to log back in with my facebook since it is linked with tbat account. But it still shows the message which everyone else got “sorry there was a problem with your request.” What should i do?? Please help

  129. Hailie

    Yo I’m really about to sue y’all. Our accounts should be OUR accounts and your job is to protect that shit and make sure nobody’s in it. Do your jobs and fix this already.


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