Why is iPhone Sending Me My Own Texts in Group Texts with Android Users?

Over the last few weeks, there has been an issue with iOS and Android group texts. If you are in a group text, as an iPhone user, and there are Android users, there is a good chance you are receiving the text you just sent. It is also the case that when Android users send a picture to an iOS or iPhone user, it comes in as a separate text with two people in the text string rather than just the one.

An example would be Jennifer and Emily. Jennifer is an iPhone user and Emily is an Android user. They have a consistent text message going and all of the sudden there is a picture that Emily sends. Jennifer will receive a brand new text that says Jennifer and Emily at the top instead of just Emily.

We have yet to figure out why this has happened or what is causing it. It seems to be happening just with iOS iPhone users and Android users that send a picture in a text message. If the Android user does not send a picture in a text message, the iPhone users won’t receive the texts they are sending.

If you have noticed this in the last few weeks please comment below with your story. What are the iOS and Android operating systems? What types of phones are you using? Did the texts keep getting kicked back to you? Did any texts not send?

7 thoughts on “Why is iPhone Sending Me My Own Texts in Group Texts with Android Users?

  1. James

    I am having this issue currently. I just switched to an iPhone 7 Plus (ios 10.2) about a week ago. I am in group texts with some friends who all have different types of phones (Android, iPhone, flip phones etc) and no matter what I am always included as a recipient on the group chat. So when I send a message I also receive it. This is causing a lot of problems for me because I am on AT&T and they have a 10 recipient cap on group messages, but including my self has put a lot of the messages over that 10 person limit. Sigh…

    1. Jesse Wojdylo Post author

      James, I am having the exact same issues. I am also on AT&T with an iPhone 10. We are not alone.


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