Jabari Parker Career Points and Other Stats

Jabari Parker burst onto the scene as a freshman at Duke University in November of 2013. He had several straight games in excess of 20 points. The question many college basketball analysts asked is, “Who is better? Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins?” Only time will tell but in the very early part of their career it looks as if Jabari Parker is going to be the more prolific scorer. Below you will find a spreadsheet illustrating Jabari Parkers career points and some other interesting stats. Under the spreadsheet you will find some analysis of my overall impression of Jabari Parker.

Start of 2013-14 Season

Jabari Parker has started the first seven games of his career with over 20 points. He is also averaging over eight rebounds a game. It is very impressive for a college freshman to perform this well night in and night out. He will be challenged several times over the course of his freshman season so we will see how he plays against the stiffest competition.

When Parker took on Kansas and Andrew Wiggins he had an unreal game with 27 points and 9 rebounds. On Friday, November 29th, Duke will take on the Arizona Wildcats which will be a top 10 matchup. Parker will be able to showcase his skills as the world will be watching. There are not major college football games on until later when Oregon takes on Oregon State in the Civil War. That game is not going to be as watch now that Oregon does not have a chance at the BCS National Championship.

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