Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery and Lip Job – New Years Eve 2018

Millions of people are watching Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve and the first thing they notice is Jenny McCarthy’s plastic surgery. Some are wondering just how much botox and plastic surgery she has gotten in the last year. Her lip injections look very bad. Obviously, the weather is playing a part in this, but she almost looks like the Joker. What do you think about Jenny McCarthy’s plastic surgery that is clearly visible on ABC’s New Years Eve party?

One thought on “Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery and Lip Job – New Years Eve 2018

  1. Its me

    I noticed it from the moment the show started. Said to my wife, “what did she do to herself.” She looks like Joan Rivers circa a few years ago. Big lips, cat eyes, etc. I hate if this is what you have to do to stay relevant in Hollywood. She is my age at 44. Be proud of your age. Enjoy the crows feet and turkey neck and all the rest. Age is wisdom and with it it’s own beauty. Wish she had just aged naturally. With that said I don’t hate her or want to shame her. She is her own person and had to do what she feels necessary to be happy. We all are different and that is what makes us special and great. She is beautiful inside and outside either way.


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