Jesse Custer of Preacher AMC TV Series

It was recently announced that Seth Rogan has finally gotten the “ok” for the Preacher TV show for AMC. This is a huge event in modern television as Jesse Custer, The Preacher, is a small town minister in Texas with the aim of forcing God to answer to His creation for His sins of tyranny. This is not a TV show that would have ever been aired just a decade ago and now it could be one of the most popular cable TV shows of 2016.

Jesse Custer will be played by Dominic Cooper while Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare, Ian Colletti as Arseface, and W. Earl Brown as Sheriff Hugo Root. There are some very popular characters that will likely make an appearance in the first season. The first trailer was released on November 1st, 2015 and has aired multiple times during The Walking Dead Season 6 series. Here it is:

As I continue to find out more information about this series I will be sure to post it here. If you would like to read the first Preacher comic book you can do so here. If you would like to buy Preacher #1 in CGC 9.8 or 9.6 condition I have a few copies for sale.

With popular characters Arseface, Cassidy, Tulip O’Hare and Sheriff Hugo Root in the AMC version of the show we expect to see huge ratings. While there is no way it will get ratings like The Walking Dead with over 15 million people watching, I do think it can compete with Better Call Saul and some of the other new shows on AMC. After the pilot comes out I will have all the TV ratings on this resource.

I will also try to introduce some of the plot lines and the characters that are similar to the comic book. Form what I understand, there are a few characters that have been created just for the show. Garth Ennis is a genius when it comes to comic book characters as he has shown time and again. We can only hope The Boys becomes a show on TV as well.

From the Preacher #1 comic book:


Filming for the show will be done in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This has the potential to be as big as Breaking Bad? Maybe?

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