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The Discovery Channel has devoted Wednesday night to “survivor” type shows. Some of the more popular shows are Surviving the Cut and Alaskan Bush People. Naked and Afraid is another one that will likely get very popular when the summer months roll around.The show that has gained some of the most traction is Dual Survivor. One of the lead characters on the Dual Survivor show is Joseph (Joe) Teti. Joe and Matt Graham are doing their best to “survive” during this season.


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This is how the Discovery Channel explains this show, “Lost on a perilous ridgeline, at 15,000 feet above sea level, Joe and Matt are forced to descend slippery cliffs through extreme weather conditions, where altitude sickness and hypothermia threaten, and life-preserving fire alludes them.” Without each other it would be nearly impossible to survive all the issues that are sure to arise.

Force Recon Marine and Army Green Beret

Joe Teti is a Force Recon Marine and an Army Special Forces “Green Beret”. In essence, he is a complete badass. He is also a former operator in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit. He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. All we know about Joseph Teti from the Discovery Channel website is related to his military history. There is no much we know about his personal life.

If you have followed all the shows of the third season of Dual Survival you may know better about his past but I have been unable to watch all the shows. I am going to try to catch up rather quickly in the near future. So, if anyone has been watching and knows a little bit more about Joseph Teti I would love to learn more in the comments. Does he have a wife or girlfriend? What does he do for work and money now? How long has he been out of the military? How did he end up on this particular Discovery Channel TV Show?

How Much Does Joe Teti Get Paid Per Episode?

Joseph Teti is compensated by the Discovery Channel but we are unaware of his salary or compensation per episode. On some of the other Discovery Channel “character” resources on this website there were a few people that claimed to know how much each actor or actress made per show. Remember that these channels are going to pay more to characters who are on screen more. With only two people in this show one would imagine they are making more per episode than saw the actors on the show Moonshiners.

Jim Tom Hedrick is only on the show Moonshiners about 10 to 15 minutes each show and sometimes he isn’t even on the show. Joseph Teti is basically on the full 45 minutes of every single aired show. That said, this does not mean that his is a millionaire because he is on TV. In fact, I would imagine he is not making all that much money on this show. If it were picked up by CBS, ABC or NBC he could definitely retire off his earnings.

If you have any information as it relates to how much Joseph Teti makes please feel free to comment below and let us know.

 Joe Teti Military Information

I was searching for information on Joe Teti’s age and I stumbled into some great questions and answers related to his military history. Here they are:

Q: Why did you leave the Marines and go to Army Special Forces?
A: When I was in the Marines (Force Recon), which was at that time the Marines “special forces”, they were not a part of SOCOM (Special Operations Command).  SOCOM is the unified command that controls Army, Navy and Air Force special operations units, such as Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs.  Force Recon was not a part of SOCOM at that time, therefore we did not have the best gear that was available, or get the missions that the other SOF units were getting.  I trained with SEAL’s and SF while in Force Recon, and I saw the difference it made.  Now there is MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) that is part of SOCOM.

Q: Why did you choose the Army?
A: I was already a qualified military diver while in the Marines.  We did a lot of water work like the SEALs, so that was a block I had already checked.  I always had a deep respect for Army Special Forces, as they represented (to me) the quintessential image of a professional solider that I was looking for.  In my opinion, they have the widest range of overall special operations knowledge of any SOF unit.

I strongly encourage you to check out and look at the FAQ page. There is some great information like Joe being born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and being the only child. My guess is that he is a huge Steelers fan.

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