Josh and Bill Moonshiners from South Carolina

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2017/2018 Season 7 Update: Now that Josh and Bill are still on the outs and Jim Tom didn’t work out for Josh we are going to see a lot more of Josh and Cutie Pie looking for a new partner. In the current season you will see Josh potentially work with Mark and Digger as well as others. Who do you want to se Josh team up with to make moonshine this year?

Jim Tom has joined Josh after Josh and Bill split up their business relationship. Check out the highlights of the 2015/2016 with Jim and Josh here. This is an exciting season as it puts together two different generations of Moonshiners. Josh is trying to create an insulated mash room so he and Jim Tom can make Moonshine throughout the entire winter.

In a time when TV stars are all over Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat there are others that are out in the wilderness trying to make a living. The Discovery Channel has highlighted different ways to make money and one of their most popular shows in Moonshiners. This resource will highlight and answer some questions about Josh and Bill from South Carolina. If you know them, please feel free to comment below.

Will Josh and Bill running into so much legal trouble will they need an experienced DUI defense lawyer or what type of legal representation? It seems that every season they are skating on thin ice when it comes to the law and legal issues. Does anyone know if Josh and Bill have a lawyer from the Spartanburg area?


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Bill Drunk on Moonshiners

In the latest Moonshiners show (January 2015) on Discovery TV Bill is completely drunk after drinking all night and into the next day. The show starts with Bill completely blitzed. Josh is making fun of him as he tries to get his moonshine from the still site to closer to home. There are some hilarious takes with Bill being drunk. Something that made me laugh extremely hard was Bill lights a cigarette with a blow torch. Who does this?

The have two three hundred gallon tanks of moonshine in their stash hole in the ground. In one of the previous shows they dug out this hole so they could put “money in the ground”. At one point they had an old Chevy Z71 pickup truck on top of the stash. They smartened up and decided to get a Bobcat to better camouflage their moonshine.

I am certain we will see many more outtakes of Bill being drunk on Moonshiners as this was one of the funnier scenes I have consumed. He was even playing with Josh’s dog “Cutie Pie”. Here is a good video of Josh taking Cutie Pie on her first motorcycle ride.Does anyone know what kind of dog Cutie Pie is?

As more “drunk Bill” scenes play out on Moonshiners I will document them here. I may even do some Vine videos and search for some YouTube videos. Let me know if you find anything good.

Where in South Carolina are Josh and Bill From?

UPDATE: Josh and Bill are from the Spartanburg, South Carolina area. If you have more information on the exact part of Spartanburg or the upstate area they are from please comment below.

I have completed some research and I have been unable to figure out where Josh and Bill are from. I would imagine they are from the northeastern part of South Carolina near North Carolina and Jim Tom’s territory of Graham County. When watching most of the shows with Josh and Bill they are in wooded areas with rhododendron bushes. This tells me they are in the upstate area and nowhere near the coast like in Myrtle Beach or Charleston. There might be some shows in the future that have Josh and Bill going to Columbia or Charleston but I am quite sure this is not where they are from.

If you know the town or county where Josh and Bill are from please feel free to comment below as my readers and I would like to know. As the shows progress maybe I can catch a road sign or a landmark that will tell me where these two reside.

Do Josh and Bill have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

There are plenty of fake Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for both Josh and Bill. From my research, I was unable to find any verified accounts. This makes sense as social media is the last thing these guys want. All it will do is bring attention to their moonshine and the location in which they make it. If you find a social media account for either of these two you can almost guarantee it is fake or a fan page.

There are literally hundreds of Facebook fan pages for the different Moonshiners. Josh and Bill are no different. There are a few Instagram accounts that claim to be Josh and Bill but remember there are no verified accounts so do not think they are real. I would suggest following the accounts and taking what they share with a grain of salt.

Snapchat is the latest social media app that has gotten popular and it may very well be the case that Josh has Snapchat. He is one of the youngest of all the actors on Moonshiners so he could very well Snapchat some of his friends. From my knowledge, most of those in small towns do not use Snapchat all that much. If you have Snapchatted with Josh please feel free to tell your story in the comments below.

Silver Travis Band and Copperline Song on Moonshiners

Josh Owens, one of the stars of Moonshiners, is good friends with the lead guitarist of the Silver Travis Band, John Gillie. As most diehard Moonshiners fans know, there are plenty of unique tunes that end up on the show. Jim Tom has been trying to get a hit in Nashville for years and all the other Moonshiners love their country or bluegrass music.

In the near future, there is a good chance we will hear the song Copperline on Moonshiners as the Silver Travis Band is based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina. You can find out much more about them here. They started playing at The Bowery in Myrtle Beach, which was once home to the popular country music band Alabama. The Silver Travis Band is still working on the deal to have their song on Moonshiners but it is something that could happen in the near future. There has been a heavy focus on Josh and Bill in this season of Moonshiners so listen for the song Copperline. If you would like to buy the song you can find it here on iTunes. You can also listen to this interview to get a full overview on the song and the negotiations with the Discovery Channel and the Moonshiners show.

Josh and Bill Arrested in the Season Finale?

In the commercials for the season finale it shows the police chasing down and arrested Josh with handcuffs on him. I will continue to look into this development. Does anyone else know if Josh and Bill have been arrested for moonshine recently?

62 thoughts on “Josh and Bill Moonshiners from South Carolina

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  2. Johnc

    Like everything that is on Discovery, this show is fake. It depicts life as a moonshiner, not the actual production of the product. Jeff has even admitted to people that only water is distilled and many of the shots are from stock footage. A working moonshiner does everything possible to remain anonymous. He would never appear on television and publicize that he is making moonshine. Now the problem for the cast is that the police are probably fans of the show and think that it is real. The guys are stopped and harassed on a regular basis, like when Mark was stopped and arrested but then released when only water was found in the jar. Plus, the guys are getting paid handsomely by Discovery making the need to break the law for money sort of a moot subject. The show is entertaining but it is just that, entertainment.

    1. Dale

      Josh is a asshole , bill is the Brain and josh just wishes he had half a head , and now he’s lost his only friend . His dog joshie pie has more of a clue to life than him .

      1. Cameron

        Yes he is, he has said horrible things to women and their children in the Greenville area when down here visiting. Im surprised TLC does a show with this dirtbag.

      2. suz

        Sweetie pie see you don’t even know what your talking about and Josh is smart don’t let nobody fool you on that one lol

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    1. Brian

      That’s not true at all.. I don’t know about bill, but Josh is from Polk county N.C., and currently resides in green Creek N.C.

    2. suz

      Wrong they are not from Spartanburg You obviously don’t know Josh he is a good guy how can you have such t opinion on someone you don’t even know dumb ass

    1. brandon

      I from landrum originally before moving to charlotte but yea dude sweet home campobello says it all. Nothing beats a town with one red light and only a middle school. Miss the country!

  4. tim bennett

    i can’t wait to see what happens on season 5 because on season 4 tim smith got a letter from the abc board in virginia he could sell 2,000 gallons of his climax moonshine in his home state what will happen on season 5? we’ll find out in november when season 5 airs on discovery channel

  5. Jeff

    November 2015 for a new season on Discovery, is that verifiable? A lot of folks are wondering. I’ve read that the show’s moved to Destination America.

    1. Robert Jennings

      I just met Josh Owens today Nov. 1st, 2015 at Lowes in Haywood County, NC. and he said he was up here working. He said the show’s new season starts on Nov. 17th, 2015. Look for the commercials to verify.

  6. Robert Jennings

    I just met Josh Owens today Nov. 1, 2015 at Lowes in Haywood County, NC. I asked what was he doing up here and he said he was working and that the new season of “Moonshiner’s” starts on Nov. 17th, 2015.

  7. Nicole Ann

    I agree with Lisa! Very attractive, especially on that bike of his. Wish there were more guys like that around just rugged and simple and I wish I was living near campobello right about now❤️

    1. Angela Cothran

      Hello there Josh
      Love the series
      You guys are great together
      Wish could get along , so control temper !!!!

      Very sexy tho

  8. lisa

    Josh is an asshole and would get em busted quick with his temper…josh needs a southernbelle to give him a kick in the face. The shit bill has had to put up with i would stay drunk too lol..josh says he is afraid of spiders and woman…probably a good reason with that temper. You did right bill by not lettin him be a friend..he should have ur back instead of actin stupid. I can hear u sayin some dumb shit now josh. Everybody has an opion like they have an ass hole. Which you need a foot up yours….i think bill is the sexiest! Josh’s attitude makes him ugly.

    1. QBert

      Wow, you must either be blind or piss ugly you`r self to find these two attractive, specially Bill. Got damn he is ugly. They both look like yesterdays womits.

  9. B

    I would love to meet josh and that big trace Adkins look alike bitch somewhere in a back ally. All they do is talk shit because they know the guys they work with are gold. Why don’t they pick on someone who won’t take their junk. I’m not far from josh and grew up in Chesnee. I hope I run across his bitch ass so I can show him how he should treat Bill (a real friend).

  10. tina

    I like josh and bill and cutie pie .josh was wrong for hitting bill he knows that.o hope they make up because they make the show .them and Jim tom my favorites.

  11. renee

    Josh is a really nice guy. Him and Bill came up to Hendersonville, NC last year for benefit dinner for my grandma she was dying from cancer. She unfortunately passed away in August of 2015. I just want to say thank you to them.

  12. Dione

    I am a new follower of ” Moonshiner’s” love it! Absolutely smitten with Josh Owens! Does he tour? Really hope to meet him someday!

    1. Aaron Oliver

      He’s usually hanging around the Bruce Rossmeyer Harley dealership during the Daytona Bike Week…I think he’s tents one of the rooms on the property. ..he’s very friendly when you talk to him. ..he’s there for fun like everyone else do you don’t know where you’ll run into him in that area but he’s spend a lot of time around that section in Ormond beach during the rally. ..

  13. Dione

    Why isn’t my comments posting? This like the 3rd
    Try? Really starting to wonder if this entire thing a hoax!
    Think its rotten to mislead people, you get to loving the
    Show and Josh but can’t get facts just circles!
    Waiting to see if this post’s? In the web site area
    Its states deleted? Any way Josh we must meet 🙂

  14. Jeff Rowland

    Hey Josh is Jeff out here in Copperas Cove Texas yes I’m making some distilled water haha I’m using a water fountain in a closed loop system chilling my condenser coil and it seems to work pretty good I’d like to talk to you about some interesting things I have thought about if you are interested please contact me back please do not print my phone number is area code 254 312 0745

  15. Jeff Rowland 254-312-0745

    Hey Josh is Jeff out here in Copperas Cove Texas yes I’m making some distilled water haha I’m using a water fountain in a closed loop system chilling my condenser coil and it seems to work pretty good I’d like to talk to you about some interesting things I have thought about if you are interested please contact me back please do not print my phone number

    1. suz

      You obviously don’t know Josh he is a good guy how can you have such t opinion on someone you don’t even know dumb ass

  16. Amanda Keller

    Well my name is Amanda and I think Josh is one of the fynest lol ever!! Wish Hickory NC would be a town he’d be in sometime!! Lol💋

  17. TheePossum

    Before I ever saw Moonshiners the first time, I stopped to get gas at a convenience store on I-85 in Gaffney, SC just north of Spartanburg. here comes a guy up on a motorcycle with a small dog riding on the tank.

    Josh goes inside and Cutie Pie stands patiently at the door. Josh comes out and loads Cutie Pie up and they ride off into the day break.

    Had not seen Moonshiners and didn’t know who he was at that time.

  18. Johnny

    I like the Moonshiners show! Even though it’s fake as a $3 bill, it’s still fun to watch. I would like to see Josh and Bill get back togther. So, I guess Bill is off the show now, or is this another of Discoverys story plots? What about Tickle? Is his real life troubles stop him from being on the show, will he be back? I like old Jim Tom, he’s cool, needs to do more singing. Keep up the good show, even if it is fake, still funny.

  19. American Breed

    What do all the moonshiner actors get paid from Discovery channel? I heard The Gas Monkey Garage guy gets $20,000 an episode.

  20. Mikey Christ

    Of course it is real, duh. Why would the film people not making alcohol? You can tell it’s real because when they make their backwoods deals the cameraman had to get out and hide in the bushes five feet away. It was really good the first couple seasons when they had the cop on it. He would be looking for the moonshiners and they would get away right from under his nose! Oh boy, those guys are crazy! I would like to get done of that real moonshine!

  21. Brandlin Hoyt

    I want to know the name of the old timer that they learned from the one that had his still under the stage.

  22. Local Yokel

    Who is the idiot that keeps losing his temper with everyone, he needs to get out of the shine business he has 00000 knowledge of shining, and blames everyone else for his own shit.

  23. ladoma

    I’ve been watching re-runs of Moonshiners on TV today and yeah, Josh is an asshole. I saw his temper flare all day like a spoiled brat. There’s even a point in the show where he gets into a physical fight with Bill. Someone he considers like a brother to him. Josh grabs Bill by the throat and slams him to the ground. I was in shock. And of course Bill is smaller than him so he didn’t have a chance. Josh can’t seem to get along with anyone and I don’t know why anyone would want to work with him in the first place. He is a violent bully and a ticking time bomb.

    1. Shelli

      Lol popcorn SUTTON. people literally know nothing about this business just because you watch it on TV. If you don’t live the life then you know nothing. Popcorn Sutton is originally from Maggie valley NC, he moonshined there and had his life there. Yes he was in Tennessee and had a home there as well. My papaw and popcorn actually shined together for years. I live in Bryson City NC, right by Graham county (robbinsville) NC, and about an hour and a half away from Spartanburg. Which I’m literally sitting in Spartanburg right now waiting on my husband to get done working. But anyway. Like I said, watching a show don’t make you an expert. And unless you’ve lived it, then you just don’t know.


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