Kendall Jenner’s Busty New Trend – See Through Shirts with No Bra

As the 2000s have drifted on, the public has seen a steep raise in what we are visually exposed to on a daily basis. This is due to the internet, of course. But this is also due to technology giving us the ability to film and access more than ever before. We have unlimited news outlets and an internet that connects the entire globe. Before the digital age, there were a few major players in every industry whether it be news, fashion, or publishing. A few major players in each industry has turned into a world of endlessly fragmented and abundantly available options. Because of the access we now all have, the way people view stigma topics, such as nudity, has shifted.

There has always been a place in our society for nudity within art. Paintings, sculptures, and photography celebrate the body. Art experiments with different angles, body types, and mediums to capture the beauty of humanity. In addition to art, we have also carved out an acceptance for nudity within R-rated television and films. In an attempt to immerse the viewer into a real and captivating world, nudity and sex are integral parts of our favorite R-rated movies and shows.

In addition to nudity within art and television, the beginning of the 21st century was ‘plagued’ by endless nude photo leaks. In “The Comeback of the Nude Photo on Snapchat and Social Media” we talked about how people have begun to send more nude photos because the sensationalism of nudies is fleeting, which has led to a decline in their shock factor. This is all due to nudity being far more prevalent in our everyday consumption (whether it’s TV, social, or online). As nude photos have become destigmatized, Kendall Jenner has started to actually make nudity in her every-day posts a trend.

Kendall Jenner is outspoken about her affinity for her breasts being free and visible. In an interview with W Magazine, Jenner stated, “I love my tits being out… It’s one of my things.” The Kardashians are on the top of the list when it comes to celebrities influencing current culture, fashion, and trends. It will be surprising if this trend doesn’t catch on given Kendall has such a fan following.

Jenner’s ‘tit’s out’ moto has coincided with the “free the nipple” bandwagon that celebrities and women across America are promoting. Free the nipple promotes women going bra-less, whereas Jenner seems to enjoy going bra-less while also wearing see-through clothing. Time will tell whether Jenner’s ‘tit’s out’ trend will become a new ‘norm’ in model and young adult culture. Jenner’s Instagram is a one-stop shop for Kendall’s busty look, and you can catch her breasts on the runway as well. Keeping up with Kendall Jenner is a provocative ask, but I suspect we will be seeing far more breast in 2017.

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