Kendall & Kylie Android App Problems

jennerThe Kendall & Kylie Android App was recently updated and children all over the place are very unhappy.

Problems include:

  • Glitches, bugs
  • Hangs at loading screen
  • Crashes at loading screen
  • Timer runs out and the game doesn’t save the stars
  • Rewards not being claimed
  • Losing fans after completing projects

With all of these problems people are having trouble getting their virtual followers.

Many of the problems in this app began after the most recent update pushed out from the Google Play Store.

Are you having Kendall & Kylie Jenner Android App problems?

Tell us about them below.

29 thoughts on “Kendall & Kylie Android App Problems

  1. Alexandra

    Im at level 10 and when I open the game it only last for like 10 seconds and then the screen freeze.
    When this happens it just goes to the main screen on my phone or a notice pop saying theres an error related with google play and close again.
    I dont know what to do to fix it. And I dont want to start again… please help!!!!

  2. Katie Mitchell

    I just started an event at The Beverly and no options are coming up to complete the event. The only one i got was ‘selfies’ but that’s all. I tried quitting the app, going to other places and coming but but nothing is working.

    1. Ela

      Mee too! Happens many times. One time i logged in when the event is about to end and the options just came out while the event was about run out of time. It was sad not to get complete even a star (and loosing many followers!)

  3. Michelle

    Everytime i go to my game the character looks different and my k stars seem to be depleted. I am not earning energy like a should (5 in an hour?). I also seem to be doing a different job every time I log on…it it super weird!

  4. Sarah

    My game rolls back. I’ll gain fans and finish achievements in a day or two. If there’s an event going on, I’ll get boxes and earn all of the items, etc. Then one day I’ll open my app, and my game will be back where it had been 2 days prior. So the event will end and i wont get those items i earned, my fan count goes back down, and i have to redo events. Its frustrating and I’m about to stop playing. No thank you, i do not want to redo that 6 hour event.

  5. kelly

    i just downloaded the game and made my character but when i get to the first scene in the room it wont allow me to click on anything successfully. theres a blonde character with an exclamation mark above her and it wont allow me to tap her to see what she says. help!
    on android phone

  6. Lucas

    my game was working fine until the 1.4.0 update which let’s you go to London, England as soon as it updated my gift box icon disappeared from the game I created a ticket in glu’s customer care they called themselves fixing it and the gift box icon came back for like a minute and then it disappeared again so I had to send them another ticket for customer care to fix the glitch which I’m waiting on them to respond to cause I’m not restarting this game I came too far and spent money in this game if I have to restart I won’t even bother playing it any more so they either fix it or I’m just gonna uninstall and not worry about installing it again.

  7. Sisi

    I’ve reached to level 21 with millions and millions of fans..suddenly I’ve found myself in level 1k..classified in 283 :/ … This problem occurred for the second time :/ and now I’m hating the game :/ … Help I don’t want to lose all the progress that I reached πŸ™

  8. minadrea

    I have lost all the progress i have reached idk what is wrong with the game
    and I HATE THE GAME ,WORST GAME EVER….KIMK Hollywood was waaaaay better than this shit game

  9. Sara

    Yup, I have all these problems and I am lvl 17, I just finished a task and earned 5 stars, the next day I open the game and it says fail 0 stars..

  10. Summer

    Argh I’m having a party and I have 4 stars and for the past hour the thingies that u hit to use ur energy for stars aren’t showing up! I exited the app & restarted my phone & they still are gone >:( App is updated 2. Wth! I rly need 5 starsπŸ˜”

  11. Summer

    Another problem I’ve been having recently is I’ll start an event and get stay and then I exit out the game, come back and the event is still on but then all the stars are gone and my energy was used and I’d still have to redo everything to earn stars back. Android lvl 18 πŸ˜‘ Somebody help!!! 😩😭

  12. Shelley

    I was opening the app and when it loaded, it went back to the beginning screen and every time I try to load my saved data, it goes back to the same screen again

  13. Adriana

    Every time I open the app it says: “we have detected and corrected a discrepancy in your save data. If you think this is in error, please contact customer support.” Please help me I dont know what to do

  14. Luna

    I’m at level 14, and recently I can’t access gift boxes and chat box as they don’t appear on my app. I’m on android, please help me πŸ™

  15. Caitlin brown

    I got a part of the game and now it won’t let me load my saved game saying that I reached the next krew Level please help

  16. Amirahsaliqueen

    I only have 600k followers right and now it’s doesn’t load anymore like wtf it’s crashed every time now at the loading screen last time I played it was two weeks ago … smh

  17. Amirahsaliqueen

    Well the last time I played this app was near the end of may but not it just crashes at the loading screen like wth I need to go to missions and shiz not waste time I can’t even report issues #FixYourApp or ur going to lose downloaders

  18. Sena

    I can’t open the saved game. After connecting my Google Play account, it’s turning to the beginning. Could you help me, please?

  19. Cythnia

    Every time I want to travel it tends to freeze on the screen therefore leaving me not being able to go to another location. This seriously annoys me because I love the game ; that is the only thing that is holding back from playing the game.


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