Kernersville NC Restaurants – Google vs Yelp Reviews

We all knew the time would come when Google Reviews outpaced Yelp Reviews. In the town of Kernersville, North Carolina, between Greensboro and Winston Salem, it is quite obvious that local businesses are aggressively pushing for Google Reviews over Yelp reviews. This is not uncommon as businesses such as dentist’s offices, banks and mechanics know the value of ranking in Google search. In years past, restaurants focused their efforts on Yelp and most would agree that Yelp is a place to go to get restaurant reviews. Well, it looks as if times are changing.

Here is a quick overview of the top 3 restaurants in Kernersville, NC on Google Maps:

  • Olympic Family Restaurant – 308 reviews
  • Giadas Trattoria – 304 reviews
  • Sixty Six Grill and Taphouse – 612 reviews

These same restaurants on Yelp:

  • Olympic Family Restaurant -26 reviews
  • Giadas Trattoria – 101 reviews
  • Sixty Six Grill and Taphouse – 63 reviews

The Olympic Family Restaurant and Sixty Six Grill and Taphouse are 3.5 stars on Yelp vs 4 stars on Google Reviews. The difference in total reviews for the Olympic Family Restaurant is staggering. Maybe this has been happening in other towns throughout the United States but never have we seen a restaurant with 26 Yelp reviews have over 300 Google Reviews.

It will be interesting to see how many restaurants start to make a push for Google Reviews. It is one thing to want to rank for Kernersville, NC pest control and get reviews like Clegg’s does, it is a completely different thing to try to rank for Greensboro Pizza. Personally, we still use Yelp to choose restaurants in areas in which we are not familiar. That said, it is quite obvious that restaurants see the value in ranking at the top of the Google Map. Ranking at the top is just one part of the equation as businesses also want the most total reviews to look better.

Admittedly, in the past, we have decided on places to eat based upon a 4 star or higher Yelp profile with over 100 reviews. In small towns such as Kernersville, that is not as easy as in larger towns like Greensboro and Winston Salem. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to monitor the number of restaurant reviews on Google vs Yelp in all towns. Have you noticed the number of Google Reviews is significantly higher than the number of Yelp reviews in your town?

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