Will Kia Have a “Big Game” (Super Bowl) TV Commercial in 2019?

Those in the marketing world know that using “Super Bowl” is not permitted in advertising, hence no ads on this particular page. That said, we also know that no one is searching for “Big Game TV Commercials”. They are searching for “Super Bowl TV Commercials”. Unfortunately, car companies have to abide by the rules so they are not allowed to create YouTube videos or blog posts related to their Super Bowl commercials. One automaker that is willing to fork over the millions for Super Bowl commercials even though they can’t market “Super Bowl” is Kia. Kia had this one during the big game back in 2017:

So, do you think we will see a Kia Super Bowl Commercial in 2019? Will they push the Optima or the Sorento? Do you think it is worth up to $5 million for these automakers to have a Super Bowl commercial?

We are still a few months away from the Super Bowl but rumors are already pouring in. It will be shocking if Kia, Hyundai, Ford and GM do not have Super Bowl commercials. In fact, we would expect to see a few commercials from Honda, Toyota and Nissan as well.

Make your predictions as to who will be in the 2019 Kia Super Bowl TV commercial.

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