What Does the Peach Next to Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat Mean?

Now that Kim Kardashian is on Snapchat you can be rest assured millions of her followers are going to jump on board. What they may not realize is only celebrities have an “official story emoji” next to their name. Her sister Kylie Jenner has a crown for King Kylie and Kim has a peach. We all know what the peach means. Well, if you don’t, just look at some of her most popular Instagram pictures. It is not to represent her front side.


Every single day there are more and more celebrities jumping on board with Snapchat. The way you know a celebrity has been verified by Snapchat is they have an emoji icon below their name when you add them and they emoji will be to the far right when you look on your friends list. It is important to note that an emoji right beside a name does not mean it is verified. The emoji has to be to the far right on the friends list.

With Kim Kardashian getting active on Snapchat we can expect a number of other social celebrities to make their account official in the next few days. What are your favorite Snapchat accounts?

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