King’s Day The Netherlands Snapchat Story on April 27th, 2015

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Today Snapchatters learned about Koningsdag which, I assume, means King’s Day in Dutch. Before clicking on the King’s Day Snapchat Story I had no idea what to expect. I know the celebration of Martin Luther King in the United States is in January so there is no way this could relate to that. I was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of great pictures and stories from The Netherlands. I know very little about King’s Day other than the fact that people love to paint themselves up in orange on this particular day. It also looks like a huge shopping holiday. If you know more about King’s Day please feel free to let us know in the comments below. Here are some of the screenshots I took of the King’s Day Snapchat Story:

kings-day-dog-snapchat-story kings-day-balloons-snapchat-story kings-day-castle-snapchat-story kings-day-netherlands-snapchat-story

It looks as if the Dutch truly enjoy themselves on King’s Day. Is this a holiday? Are the kids out of school? How do you celebrate other than the festivals and events going on around town?

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