Krakow Life Snapchat Story on October 13th, 2015

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The Snapchat city life series continues and this time we head into Poland. For those that have wondered, my last name is actually Polish. That said, I know very little about Polish traditions as my family has been removed from Poland for several generations. That said, it was still fun to watch this Snapchat story and learn more about the country in which my ancestors were from. Here are a few of the screenshots I took of this Snapchat story:

krakow-night-snapchat cracow-athem-snapchat krakow-building-poland-snapchat krakow-poland-snapchat snapchat-story-krokow-life krakow-life-snapchat-story krakow-snapchat-story

If you are from Poland and would like to introduce us to much more about your country please feel free to comment below. What do you think about this Snapchat story? Do you think Snapchat did a good job? How could they have improved this city life story?

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