How Kylie Cosmetics Grew on Snapchat and Social Media

While having a TV show certainly hasn’t hurt, the Kylie Jenner we know and love would not be the superstar she is today without social media. Kylie went from the youngest sister in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’s’ to an integral personality in the show once fans noticed her eye for great fashion and her stalk-worthy lifestyle through her social media accounts. Show segments were devoted to Kim and Kanye’s obsession with Kylie’s Pinterest page, which helped to solidify people’s association with Kylie and fashion. Kanye then featured Kylie as a model for his apparel line, and from there, Kylie used her social media accounts to build an identity for herself.

Social media provided the world with a visual roadmap of Kylie’s abrupt transformation from teenager to the curvaceous and full-lipped Kylie Jenner (click here for a photo timeline of Kylie’s transformation). This transformation took place in 2014, and the public was immediately enamored with the youngest Kardashian. Part of Kylie’s appeal to fans is how accessible she is. We did not learn about Kylie’s physical changes through the occasional photograph published in People magazine. She is an avid social media user and her constant posting allowed for people’s fascination with her to be fueled.

While Kylie’s physical transformation was what initially garnered her the attention of fans and followers, she capitalized on this attention. This has ultimately led to the public’s current fascination with Kylie herself. In fact, according to Statista Kylie is the 8th most followed account on all of Instagram with her 75.8 million followers. Social media fame takes more than being interesting, and Kylie puts exhaustive effort into maintaining her brand and constantly posting quality content. Kylie is also owner of the most viewed Snapchat account. There are a lot of followable people out there, however Kylie is the best of the best when it comes to finding a way to appeal to a mass audience and keeping them engaged.

Part of Kylie’s appeal is that she does more than just the average social media routine consisting of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. She has her own cooking series on her website called “Cooking with Kylie” along with a fashion and makeup section. Kylie also has an app that allows fans to access exclusive content of her, which requires a $2.99 monthly subscription fee. The way Kylie chooses to use social media- to both promote her fashion and cosmetic lines along with capturing her every day life strengthens her appeal. Having one account merging both facets of her life makes it so that we see every side of Kylie and feel like we know about what she is up to as well as how she is carrying out her passion for fashion. All of this being said, we don’t have an understanding of who Kylie Jenner is through the show, we ‘know’ Kylie Jenner through her social media accounts.

Kylie’s social media presence merging her personal and work life has paved the way for her success with her lip care and cosmetics line. Lips are synonymous with Kylie Jenner now, so it is no wonder that her website has had 11.3 million visits in the past 6 months. The first time Kylie released her lip kit, her website actually crashed due to the overload of traffic, and her products are continuously selling out. I believe that the success of Kylie’s cosmetic line goes hand in hand with her social media presence. With the clutter of blogs, accounts, and influencers now, Kylie’s ability to make people like her and associate her with lips has impacted their desire to buy Kylie lip care products.

It does have to be acknowledged that having a TV show gave Kylie a platform of millions of followers that most people do not have access to. However, what Kylie has done with this following has superseded the expectations of all of us. She is a social media and fashion icon first, and a character on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ second now. Kylie’s brand is fueled by her giving her fans access to many facets of her life in a creative and engaging way. For that, those of us who are looking for interesting people to follow, we thank Kylie. The girl knows how to keep it interesting, and she knows how to make a lip shimmer. For that, we will keep following and keep buying.

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