Kylie Jenner Breaks 10 Million Snapchat Followers and Views

Here is the video show Kylie Jenner getting an official letter from Snapchat explaining she has hit 10 million followers:

Well, we cannot get exact confirmation but this is close enough:


On Twitter, there have been a number of people mentioned that Kylie Jenner gets 10 million Snapchat views. We can assume that she has well over 10 million followers if this is the case. That said, she may be one of the celebrities that has more access to Snapchat data than the rest of us. Can she really see how many followers she has?

Since Snapchat has the information why don’t they make it public? Would you like to see the number of followers you have available in a private or public profile?

Do you think anyone will catch King Kylie when it comes to Snapchat followers or views? I once thought DJ Khaled had a chance but he has become extremely boring lately and almost everyone I know has stopped following him. At lease Kylie Jenner does some different things with her Snapchat.

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