LA Life Snapchat Story on April 3rd, 2015

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Heading into Easter weekend there was not a lot going on in terms of Snapchat Stories. On Good Friday there were Snapchat Stories for NYC and LA. I have seen a few of these location based Snapchat Stories but I honestly do not think they are all that interesting as they are simply people prancing around their cities taking videos and photos. That being said, here are a few of the screenshots I took of the LA Life Snapchat Story from April 3rd, 2015:

snapchat-story-for-los-angeles-april-2015 yoga-la-life-snapchat-story la-snapchat blonde-la-life-snapchat-story la-life-april-2015-snapchat-story

I am just waiting for Los Angeles personal injury lawyer David Azizi to show up in some of these Snapchat Stories. Maybe he can give us an inside look of the legal industry in and around Beverly Hills. Heck, just a drive down Rodeo Drive would be interesting in my opinion. As more of these Snapchat Stories for specific cities get shared on the official Snapchat iPhone and Android app I will be sure to share some of the screenshots on here.

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