What is the Lake in the Hyundai Santa Fe TV Commecial?

In November and December 2018 many people are seeing the Hyundai Santa Fe “The Journey” TV Commercial. There are actually several Hyundai commercials in which a Hyundai is driving by a gorgeous lake in the mountains. This is so popular it is one of the most searched phrases for Hyundai Santa Fe. This is one of the earlier TV commercials that includes this lake:

If you have watched any of the college football championship games or the NFL football games on Fox, NBC or CBS, you have definitely seen this commercial.

At this point, we are not 100% certain of the location of this lake and where these mountains are. If you happen to know where this road is or what the name of the lake is, please comment below. Inquiring minds would like to know.

What is interesting is the fact that Hyundai is making such a strong push with TV commercials during major sporting events. Most people would not consider Hyundai to be a vehicle in which sports fans are looking to drive. Is there really a large market for college football and NFL fans wanting to buy a Hyundai in 2019?

Obviously, Hyundai feels as if millions of dollars for TV ad spots is worth the investment. We will see if that works out for them in the long run. In the meantime, guess the location of the lake and mountains in the latest Hyundai TV commercials.

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