Lakeside Summer Snapchat Story on June 2nd, 2015

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Today Snapchat released a fantastic idea for a Snapchat Story – Lakeside Summer. The initial Lakeside Life story included videos and pictures from the following lakes:

  • Lake Geneva, Switzerland
  • Lake Como, Italy
  • Lake Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Lake Superior. Michigan and Minnesota
  • Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota
  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada

I will be interested to see if they continue this story later in the summer. There are hundreds of amazing lakes throughout the world that could be featured for this story. As more college and high school kids get out for the summer I would imagine we will see a few more of these Snapchat Stories. Here are some screenshots I took:

snapchat-story-lake-como lake-como-snapchat-story lake-tahoe-snapchat-story lake-geneva-snapchat-story lakeside-summer-snapchat-story

It will be fun to see which lakes they add throughout the summer. What lake would you like to see? I would imagine we are not going to see Fontana Lake, Nantahala Lake or Santeelah Lake where I grew up, but who knows. Post the lake you would like to see on Lakeside Summer Snapchat below.


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