Larry Gene Bell Serial Killer on Netflix’s Mindhunter

In the hit Netflix Show Mind Hunter, a number of serial killers will be featured. We assume we will see Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson and Edmund Kemper. Will we see Larry Gene Bell? This is an important chapter in the book Mind Hunter by John Douglas in which the Netflix series is based off of. Larry Gene Bell killed Sharon “Shari” Faye Smith and Debra May Helmick and forced Smith to write her “Last Will and Testament“.

We are not 100% certain if Larry Gene Bell will be in the first season of Mindhunter but we have learned there will be multiple seasons. John Douglas explained that this was one of the most important cases of his career so it would be shocking if this serial killer were not depicted in an episode of Mindhunter on Netflix in one of the first few season.

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