Last Will and Testament Letter of Sharon (Shari) Faye Smith

We will likely learn much more about this in the Netflix TV show Mindhunter. Shari Faye Smith was killed by Larry Gene Bell.

This is the transcript from the book Mind Hunter by John Douglas:


3:10 AM

I LOVE ya’ll

I love you mommy, daddy, Robert, Dawn & Richard and everyone else and all the other friends and relatives. I’ll be with my father now, so please, please don’t worry! Just remember my witty personality & great special times we all shared together. Please don’t ever let this ruin your lives just keep living one day at a time for Jesus. Some good will come out of this. My thoughts will always be with & in you! (casket closed) I love you all so damn much. Sorry dad, I had to cuss for once! Jesus forgive me. Richard sweetie – I really did & always will love you & treasure our special moments. I ask one thing though. Accept Jesus as your personal savior. My family has been the greatest influence on my life. Sorry about the cruise money. Some day please go in my place.

I am sorry if I ever disappointed you in any way. I only wanted to make you proud of me because I have always been proud of my family. Mom, dad, Robert & Dawn there’s so much I want to say that I should have said before now I love you!

I know y’all love me and will miss me very much, but if y’all stick together like we always did – y’all can do it!

Please do not become hard or upset. Everything works out for the good for those that love the Lord.

All My Love Always —

I Love Y’all w/ All My Heart!

Sharon (Shari) Smith

P.S. Nana – I love you so much. I kind of always felt like your favorite. You were mine!

I love you Alot

9 thoughts on “Last Will and Testament Letter of Sharon (Shari) Faye Smith

  1. Henry

    I wish I had one hundredth of the courage and faith of this girl. I am inspired to do better in life after reading this (and seeing the show about it).

  2. Moti

    I can’t imagine a child having to suffer so grately, knowing she was going to die moments later and that monster giving her a choice of how she wanted to die according to what I’ve read on the case.
    I’m so sorry for the families pain and the suffering shari had to endure.
    She wasn’t bothering anyone just picking up mail from mailbox on her families property.
    So sad.
    Glad that monster can’t torture anyone else.


    I just watched the episode and Shari was on phenomenal young lady. Her courage is so inspiring and the fact that she did choose faith over fear and that has been my motto for the new year. Her story has had a great impact on me positively and to go on doing what God has called me to do no matter what. She used her last will and testament to minister hope and love to her family. She is greatly admired. 🙂

  4. Alex

    Reading this is so painful and I don’t even know this family. She was brave that’s for sure. My heart is broken for her.

  5. Stephanie

    It’s Shari’s family that has demonstrated real courage and faith, not Shari herself. 🙄
    He wrapped her and Debra Helmick’s heads with duct tape, so their cause of death was asphyxiation.


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