Lawyer Copywriting, SEO and Internet Marketing Trends for 2015

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It is very hard to believe that 2014 is quickly coming to a close. As 2015 approaches every lawyer and law firm in the country will be looking for ways to get more clients. While some have an established name that gets them referrals on a daily basis there will be some that resort to internet marketing so potential clients “find them on Google”. Lawyer SEO has changed the way most attorneys think about their advertising and marketing model. No longer is it the case that the Yellow Pages is all that is needed. While print advertising in newspapers and magazines is still effective it sometimes cannot rival the conversion rate of being on the front page of Google search.

When ranking for keywords like “Los Angeles car accident lawyer” or “Florida divorce attorney” law¬†offices will receive phone calls and inquires on a daily basis. The great thing about ranking on the front page of Google search is the ability to turn away cases that are not exactly what you are looking for. At the beginning of a legal career, lawyers often have to take on cases just to pay the bills and keep the doors open. If your firm is on the front page of Google for “money” keywords you will be getting so many phone calls that you will be able to hand choose which cases you want to take. You may only take the cases that will net you over $50,000 or $100,000. If you are ranked #1 in a very competitive industry you may very well be able to take on the select few cases a month or a year.


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How exactly can you get to the front page of Google for money keywords? What does it take to avoid the Google Panda and Penguin penalties? Often, there are SEO agencies that claim they can get you to the front page of Google in as little as 72 hours. Is this worth is? Should you leave your website and practice vulnerable to get to the front page of Google quickly? Here are some of the things you need to know.

Getting to the Front Page of Google Search

Why Content is King with SEO and Internet Marketing

Ranking Higher on Google in 2015

Getting to the Front Page of Google Search

Getting to the front page of Google is not an overnight process. Were you able to build your law firm or legal practice in a week? A month? Less than a year? Is there any reason to believe your website should rank in a short amount of time if it takes time to build a name and reputation? I explain to all of my clients that building a web presence is very similar to building a business. If you want to get rich quick you are going to take many risks. You can buy the penny stock that may go up 10,000% in a week and back down to zero in the next week. You also have the ability to buy stock in a company that is going to grow steadily. In my opinion, it is a much smarter business model to grow steadily. It took WalMart 30 years to become the leader in the retail industry. Even the most brilliant minds cannot create a powerful business overnight.

If an SEO firm or agency claims they can help you get to the front page of Google in less than a month they are fooling themselves and you. There are plenty of long tail and branded keywords you will be able to rank for in the first month or two but you are not going to be on the front page for Miami criminal defense attorney in the first 90 days. If you are, you can be rest assured you will not stay there very long. Google’s algorithms are based on authority and content. It takes lots of content to build authority. It also takes time. Just like any strong relationship, it takes time to build. Your relationship with Google should not be rushed. Build your web presence in a way that Google and all search engines will respect your internet marketing strategy.

Why Content is King with SEO and Internet Marketing

Content comes in four forms on the Internet Рvideo, audio, text and photos. While most lawyers and attorneys do not have the time, nor the budget, to produce all four types of content it is imperative to create at least a few of these forms of content. Audio and video can be combined with YouTube videos or Vimeo videos. Text and photos can be combined with blog posts or articles on a business website. When looking to use photos on your website I would strongly suggest using your own photos. Working in the legal industry you are well aware of the lawsuits that come about by stolen content on the web. Rather than going down that road just use a smartphone camera to snap some shots for your blog posts.

If you would like more professional photos or infographics please feel free to reach out to me at I have access to a Nikon D5200 DSLR camera and my team can efficiently create infographics for your resources. Ultimately, the goal is to get content on your website on a consistent basis. If you can do a daily YouTube video or blog post you will be well ahead of your competition. While some lawyers and attorneys may have a desire to create their own content it is often best to hire a content writer or copywriter. As mentioned earlier, copywriting is a skill and takes time to learn. It also takes a lot of reading and research to hone the skill of writing.

In my opinion, blog posts are the most effective way to rank on the front page of Google search. If you have the resources and the budget, YouTube videos and professional infographics can go a long way but blog posts tend to be shared the most. If you have the opportunity to create a daily, weekly or monthly podcast this is a great way to increase exposure as well. Any increased exposure will help with SEO. The best SEO is naturally building relationships with readers and other professionals. These relationships will ultimately lead to natural links pointing back to your website.

Ranking Higher on Google in 2015

In 2015, there will be changes in the SEO industry. Some changes will likely included the increased importance of social shares. While social shares matter now they may matter even more moving forward. It makes sense that more shares on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Flipboard and Pinterest mean more eyeballs are on your resources. It will be interesting to see how Google starts to rank websites based on the exposure of a legal practice on social media.

It is well know that law firms are not providing the most “shareable” content on social media. Most Facebook and Twitter users do not want to talk about a car accident or getting a divorce. That said, they may be willing to share valuable resources related to laws that are changing or construction that could cause major backups in different cities. No matter what Google decides to do it is important to continue to create content. Over the last decade the Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Caffeine Google updates have been beneficial for websites that are producing quality, consistent content.

If, and when, you decide to hire an SEO company or content writer it is imperative to make certain this content is 100% unique. If you have duplicate content on your website you are defeating the purpose of creating content. If you need any assistance with SEO or content create please feel free to reach out to me at

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