When Will Legend of Master Legend Season 1 Be on Amazon Prime? Season 2 Renewed?

Amazon Prime has changed the way millions of people watch TV. While Netflix is known for their Originals it seems to be the case that Amazon is the company that is winning all the awards. After a huge year with Goliath and Sneaky Pete, Amazon continues to produce amazing original content. One of the newest pilots that has been released in March 2017 is Legend of Master Legend. Fans have already seen the pilot and now they are waiting for Season 1 to be released.

For those that have not seen the pilot, Legend of Master Legend is a dark comedy that follows Frank Lafount, aka Master Legend – a homemade superhero whose mission is to protect the people of Las Vegas from evil doers. Can Master Legend juggle the demands of justice and the even more complicated demands of his family members, who don’t see him as a hero at all?

The pilot is 30 minutes and one would expect all of the episodes in Season 1 to be 30 minutes as well. Most of the Amazon Original TV shows are eight or 10 episodes per season. Unfortunately, even if the first season is successful, we do not know for certain there will be a season 2. Once season 1 is released and the reviews start rolling in, we will be able to better assess the likelihood of a Season 2. If there is a season 2, you can expect it sometime in mid to late 2018 depending on when Season 1 is released to the public.

Did you like the pilot of Legend of Master Legend? When do you want the entire first season to come out? Do you want to watch it as soon as possible?

If you have seen the first season, what did you think? Do you want a second season on Amazon Prime?

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