Life Insurance Sales SEO, Google Search Exposure and Copywriting

If you are a life insurance salesman or the director of a sales team and would like to get more leads through Google and your website email me at I have monthly SEO and copywriting packages that can help you rank better in Google Search.

Life insurance sales can be extremely lucrative; if you have the skill set to sell the product to a number of different clients. Unfortunately, many life insurance sales people struggle because they cannot reach those looking for their services. When it comes to looking for financial services, where is the first place most people go? Google. They use Google to search for options in their location area.

Life insurance companies and brokers that rank on the front page of Google Search cannot stop their phones from ringing. In fact, I have had clients that have had to hire a larger staff because they get so many hot leads from being on the front page of Google Search. If this is something you desire for yourself or your company reach out to me today.

People Use Google to Make Money Decisions

When money is involved most people do not like to talk about it publicly. No one goes on Facebook or Twitter and announces they are filing bankruptcy. They likely also won’t tell you the mortgage rate they are paying either. When it comes to money, Americans are very secretive. Heck, most people won’t even begin to tell you their annual salary no less how much they are paying to local country club each month.

For this reason, Google is the best place to have “real estate” in the form of advertising. If your life insurance company or your individual website ranks on the front page of Google Search you are going to be front and center when they are ready to make a financial decision. This is the most cost effective way to gain new clients each and every day.

When you take out an ad in a local newspaper or on the radio you are limited to just those brief moments in which someone may notice your services. On the front page of Google Search you will be in front of your audience when they are searching specifically for your services. That is as hot as the lead can get.

How to Rank on the Front Page of Google

Life insurance sales and brokering can be extremely competitive on the Internet. You are not the first person to think about ranking on the front page of Google Search. While others may have been doing it for years and decades there is still an opportunity to stake your claim on the front page. There are many intricate parts to the process that are extremely important.

You will need some amazing content on your website. You will need links that naturally point back to that content. You will need to properly optimize photos, videos and audio files. There are a number of other steps that should be taken to properly optimize your website to rank on the front page of Google. If you are interested in working with myself and my team to get your website to the #1 spot for your “money” keywords reach out to me at I have several monthly SEO and content packages that will help you get more traffic to your website which will ultimately help with more leads.

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