Do Link Parties or InLinkz Help with SEO and Search Rankings?

Every single year there are ways in which bloggers try to increase traffic to their sites. In 2005 it was Technorati, in 2008 it was Propeller, 2012 was the rise of Facebook and by 2015 social media sites were the rage. Through it all, ranking in Google Search has been the most reliable and best way to increase traffic to a website. In 2018 and early 2019, bloggers are using the site which is a “link party” tool. Basically, you add a code at the bottom of your blog posts, such as this one, and bloggers and website owners can add a link to their site.

What is interesting about Link Parties and InLinkz is the fact that the link is not on that person’s website. It is actually on an iFrame or separate website that is This means you are not getting the SEO juice from that blog or website.

The benefit of posting your website on an InLinkz blog is you can get traffic from that website. Unfortunately, it looks like most websites or blogs that have installed this code are getting very little traffic and have no idea how SEO works or Google Search works. That’s ok! In the long run, it is always valuable to build relationships with those in your niche. You never know when someone with an extremely powerful website might find you on a link party and naturally link to you in one of their blog posts.

We are tracking to see if the actually shows up in Google Search Console. Obviously, this is going to be a nofollow link but it will likely show up as a link nonetheless.

If you had to choose between an in context link on a powerful blog or a link at the bottom in the InLinkz iFrame, you should always choose the in context link. This is going to increase the SEO value of your website and ultimately help you get more search traffic.

Go ahead and post your blog or website in the InLinkz section below.

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