How to Put a Clickable Link in Snapchat Stories

UPDATE: You can now add links to a Snapchat story with the new paperclip tool. Some users have reported they are not seeing the paperclip tool. Are you able to see it and share links on your story?

You heard it hear first on February 27th, 2016 – Snapchat is going to allow certain brands, companies and users to place links within their Snapchat stories. This will be especially apparent with ads. Look for publishers of Discover Channels to have clickable links sometime in early to mid 2016. When this will filter down to individual users we are not exactly sure.

As with Instagram, it will likely be the case that only high paying advertisers will be able to place a clickable ad in their Snapchat stories. This makes sense as Snapchat does not want to get spammed by individual marketers. We all know how ugly Facebook, Twitter and other social networking apps can be with spam links all over the place. If Snapchat is smart, they will only allow a very select few to use clickable links within their stories.

It may very well be the case that only those that are willing to pay to play are able to place a hypertext link that is clickable in any type of Snapchat story. Remember that you can send private text Snaps with clickable links but you cannot ad a clickable link to the text of a story in the form of a picture or video. Some have tried to get around this by using shortened URLs such as or but we know, from personal experience, Snapchat users are not going to screenshot and try to type that link into a Chrome or Safari browser.

In fact, we have learned through our Snapchat channels that users are unwilling to leave the Snapchat app for almost anything. With Snapchat wanting users to stay in their app as long as possible it will be interested to see if they accept sends users to clickable hypertext links in the near future.

What do you think about clickable links on Snapchat? Will this drive you crazy or be a great added feature? We would love to know. Please comment with your thoughts and reactions.

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This is live as of July 5, 2017. Good prediction!


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