How Many Links Does a DWI or DUI Lawyer Need to Rank on the Front Page?

Ranking on the front page of Google search is not easy. Getting to one of the top 10 coveted spots can sometimes take years. It has been well documented that SEO (search engine optimization) includes backend coding, content and links. Backend coding is often completed with WordPress leaving content and links as the most laborious part of SEO. While content is an extremely important part of ranking in search, quality links are just as important. With this in mind, how many links does it take for a DWI or DUI lawyer to rank on the front page of Google search?

This is a loaded question as there are many variables. The most important variable is the level of the competition. If you are trying to rank for Robbinsville, NC DUI lawyer you are going to find it takes less than 10 links. If you are attempting to rank for Houston DWI lawyer it could take more than 50 high quality links as a number of law firms have been optimizing for this keyword phrase for years.

What all law firms, lawyers and business professionals must understand is any type of over optimization or “link schemes” will be penalized by Google. If your law firm receives 500 links in one day, the Google algorithm will be triggered to administer a penalty. What is natural in terms of mentions? Is your law firm important enough to receive dozens of mentions every single week? If not, you should not be receiving 25 links a week.

Receiving only five to 10 links over the course of a month should not be looked at as a bad thing. In fact, we encourage law firms to crawl before they walk in terms of link building. It is advisable to properly build out a handful of links before a website is worth of receiving dozens of links. Once the proper links are built out through Avvo,,, the BBB and other business websites it will likely be the case that natural links start to point toward your law firm website.

It takes time to build a business. It also takes time to build a website that ranks in Google search. Do not expect to see results over night. When you first opened your law firm, did you get phone calls from 15 potential clients in the first few days? Over time, the number of inquiries grew with the success of your business. The same will be true of your website. If you have consistent, unique content being published and you work with an SEO company that builds links in an organic way, you are going to find your search rankings increase.

If you are a DWI or DUI lawyer hoping to rank on the front page of Google search contact us today at We have a number of different SEO and content monthly packages that will help your law firm get more cases from your legal website.

Remember, do not think you can rank for DWI or DUI lawyer overnight, but with the right online marketing team, you will find that your search traffic increases and your website moves up in the rankings much like your client list has increased over the years.

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