Loan Officer SEO and Copywriting Services

With thousands of loan officers trying to get more business it should come as no surprise that the front page of Google Search is highly competitive. In fact, mortgage and home loan related keywords are some of the most expensive on Google Adwords. Brokers and loan officers could pay as much as $75 a click if they hope to capture searchers looking for the lowest mortgage rates in their area. If loan officers are going after national keywords they could pay even more.

Rather than paying a large sum of money for every single click to your mortgage website it would be smart to invest in mortgage SEO services. By ranking organically in Google search you will find that traffic ends up being much cheaper. Instead of ranking for just one keyword your business website will rank for thousands of keywords that show up on your page. This means, with proper optimization, you will get many more searchers landing on your loan officer website.


As we move forward in 2016 and into 2017 a number of mortgage brokers will look for new keywords. Long tail keyword marketing is one of the best ways to acquire natural links and get more website traffic. Unfortunately, coming up with these long tail keywords can be very difficult. Fortunately, I have written over 15,000 mortgage and finance related articles for the web in the last eight years. By doing this, I have the data to determine the best keywords for different times of the year. I also have a firm understanding of the different government programs that can help borrowers lock in to a low home loan interest rate.

Before spending $1500 a month paying Trulia, Zillow or Google for ads consider investing in your own web property. By investing in yourself, your brand and your business you will be able to make money in the years to come rather than getting a single click to your website or a phone call that leads to someone looking to save $20 a month on their mortgage payment.

If you are looking to build out a loan officer website or expand your current web presence reach out to me today at I have several monthly packages that can help you rank at the top of Google search. I can also create a custom package to help you with those looking for mortgage related products in your local area.

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