Can Someone See If You Looked at Their Location on Snapchat Map?

The Snapchat Map has been a very hot topic of discussion since it was released. Millions of Snapchat users are clicking on their friends and zooming in to see their exact location. If you click on someone and zoom in to where they are, does Snapchat notify them or let them know?

At the present time, we are certain the answer is no. There are no notifications to tell someone that another user has viewed their location and zoomed in. That is not to say that won’t change in the very near future. It would be easy for Snapchat to add a “viewed” option that is similar to the stories feature. Snapchat users would be able to see who has “viewed” their location and zoomed in.

Would you want to know if someone has viewed your location or zoomed in on where you are at? Is this a feature you hope Snapchat brings to the app in the future?

3 thoughts on “Can Someone See If You Looked at Their Location on Snapchat Map?

  1. Ben Ross

    Do not add the viewed because then everyone will be too scared to use this feature. They’ll never want to click on people and that’s the whole fun and point to the update is to see who is who and where they are

    1. Mario Cote

      I agree, if you don’t want people to see your location then turn it off. If you have a problem with someone seeing your location then remove them or don’t filter them from seeing your location.

  2. zack black

    I feel if you don’t want people too see your location turn it off . Otherwise it shouldn’t matter who has viewed it you can customize it to who you want so


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