Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Google Search Results Over Time

Almost every single day I track the personal injury vertical in different states so I figured it was time to start documenting it on this website. You will find a history of the front page of Google search for the phrases Los Angeles car accident lawyer and Los Angeles car accident attorney below. This is a highly competitive niche as some law firms are paying between $150 and $200 a click for these keyword phrases. In just two years I have seen a lot of “players” come and go from this space. Find my analysis below:

September 2nd, 2015 Video

I will try to do a few more YouTube videos in the future. Let me know if you prefer screenshots or YouTube videos. Looks like not much has changed in two days for “Los Angeles car accident lawyer”.

August 31st 2015

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney results





The same names keep popping up on the radar but notice the local pack has changed completely. It is no longer the case that we have A, B or C rankings. We also only see three results in the local pack. It will be interesting to see if this continues to be the case moving forward. At this point Larry H Parker, David Azizi and Farar Law Group are in the front seat for the race to win these keywords. It is a very fluid situation and anything can happen as we move forward.

I will try to keep up with the search results at least once a month so you can track these over time. I know many people want to know who used to rank well and what happened to them. In time, this will be a great resource to look back on which lawyers ranked well in the past.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer results





The biggest shake up in the last month has been the fact that the Google Local pack is now a 3-pack and there are no letters. As with most adjustments in the Google search rankings there has been quite the uproar about only three results in the local search box. This is a fluid situation and could change but it looks like it is something Google is going to go towards in the near future.

Findlaw and Yelp continue to rank very well. Some law firms and practices will likely spend quite a bit advertising on these two websites just because they are getting traffic for this specific keyword phrase. As far as lawyers, we are seeing the same names we have seen for quite some time. There have been some adjustments in the rankings but the save five or six names appear on the front page of Google search for “Los Angeles car accident lawyer”. Larry H. Parker, Farar and David Azizi are sitting in a good position but anything can change at any time.

July 10th 2015

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney results




These search results have been pretty consistent for quite some time. The top search results has been there for a few months and has yet to be challenged. Yelp and Findlaw are two directories so the third true law firm in the search result is Larry H. Parker. He and bestattorney.com (Bisnar Chase) have been competitive players in this space since I have been following it for two eyars.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer results




Notice the same names pop up for the “Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer” search but they are in a different order. As time goes by I would imagine they will get closer to the same order. Also note that there are two of 10 search results that point directly to a URL homepage rather than a car accident resource. In my opinion, I would rather have the search result pointed to a specific areas of practice page because that is what searches will be looking for. That said, I have seen many home page results in Google search over the years.

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