Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer SEO Scene in Early 2017

One of the most competitive keyword phrases in Google search is “Los Angeles car accident lawyer”. When buying ad space through Google AdWords, law firms can pay as much as $125 a click for this keyword phrase. With hundreds of accidents happening every single day in Southern California, there are many cases to be won. Unfortunately, ranking at the top of Google search is not as easy as creating a landing page and allowing the leads to come in.

In the last several years a number of high profile law firms have attempted to solve the Google search algorithm mystery. In fact, some of these firms quickly reached the front page of Google, sometimes within a few months, only to find that their aggressive online marketing tactics were penalized by Google. The Google Penguin algorithm changed the game for all car accident lawyers. No longer was it the case that a law firm could go out and acquire 1000s of links and rank on the front page with basically no content and a very young website.

Today, we are seeing that it takes a very strong link portfolio to rank for Los Angeles car accident lawyer. Several of the firms on the front page have links from CNN, Huffington Post, Money and Business Insider. Those that acquired these links did so naturally. They did not create an outreach team to contact all these news outlets.

Having worked with several personal injury lawyers, we can say that organic link building with unique content is the best SEO money can buy. Hiring an aggressive SEO firm that is going to “find” thousands of links in a few months is a disaster ready to happen. The firm may rank on the front page for a few weeks or even a few months but, out of the blue, the website will tank in the rankings and it will be nearly impossible to recover.

Interestingly, some of the big names in the Los Angeles area, firms like Wilshire Law Firm, Farar Law Group and Ehline Law have moved in the rankings quite a bit. A huge change in 2017 is the local 3 pack Google Maps search result. No longer is it the case that the same big names are showing up in the local pack. In fact, some of the local pack search results are for firms that have very little organic search presence at all.

Depending on time of day and day of the week, the local 3 pack search results can be mind boggling. In the last week a law firm that has one review and a very thin website has been showing up in the local pack. This will not continue as Google is likely turning the knobs to see which search results are best for both the local pack and the top 10 organic results.

In the future, it will likely take links from very authoritative websites to get close to the front page for Los Angeles car accident lawyer. Do not think this is a task that can be completed in a few months. In fact, it may take years for a law firm to remain stable on the front page of Google for highly competitive keyword phrases in the Southern California and Los Angeles area.

If you would like to better understand why specific law firms rank at the top of Google search reach out to us at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. We have a great deal of experience with personal injury lawyer SEO and we would love to discuss why a website is ranking well or performing poorly.

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