Losing Streaks with the New December 2017 Snapchat Update

UPDATE: Many iPhone users were not updated to the new Snapchat in December 2017. We suspect they will be updated in the early part of January 2018. If you are updated and lose your streaks, please comment below to let us know what happened. Comment with your phone, the operating system you are using and what happened when your streak disappeared.

The new December 2017 Snapchat update has not been well received. Stories are broken and all over the place, celebrities are no longer with friends and now we are hearing Snapchat Streaks are disappearing. Those that have very long streaks with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or crushes are going to be very upset when they lose their streaks.

Have you noticed that your streaks are disappearing or ending with the new December 2017 Snapchat update? How do you feel about this update?

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