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A successful social media strategy will provide irreplaceable benefits for your business. If you are the owner of a luxury spa and would like to attract more potential clients through the use of social media and improved search rankings, please contact for copywriting and management skills or for copywriting and SEO and social media strategic planning.

We live in a day and age where the speed of everyday life has increased tenfold. People are constantly running around, rushing to meet deadlines, and working long hours, only to come home to a stack of errands to tend to. While this may not seem to be anything new, these hard-working people are spending their free time in a different way – by kicking their feet up while browsing the Internet. Social media has become one of the largest outlets for relaxation and recreation, and many people spend their leisure time browsing the web.

Given the above information, it makes logical sense that a lot of social media users spend that time looking for ways to relax. If you browse Pinterest for five minutes, you’ll immediately find boards that cover a wide range of relaxation methods, such as beauty tips and tricks, yoga and meditation techniques, travel boards, and so on. Some of the most popular pins, however, are those that teach ways to reproduce trendy spa treatments at home. Often, these pins promote the use of common household items that should not be used on skin (or are simply ludicrous). I know many a female who has fallen victim to certain beauty fads, such as the “plain gelatin facial” – something that caused only an irritated face and a wasted trip to the grocery market.

Via the use of social media, the average person can click and see a plethora of ways to kick back and relax after a hard day’s work. After all, if any mantra is preached on the Internet, it’s that life is short and that we all deserve to treat ourselves once in awhile.

But regardless of the “life hacks” that technology can make us aware of, no one can be fooled into thinking that some items from the pantry are a suitable substitute for making a trip to a luxury spa. Even so, if someone is looking to treat herself one weekend, she may not know where to go or where to start looking. How does one promote the services of a luxury spa to someone who has never thought to pamper herself before?

This is where the use of social media and content writing comes in. In order to attract clients in this day-and-age, you must know where to find them. And while they are on social media, most people will still turn to Google search in order to locate their nearest spa and massage center. As a result, it is crucially important to rank as high in Google search as possible. What this means is that in order for your website to be found by a large number of clients, you will need to rank for as many keywords as possible.

For example, if someone were looking for a spa to visit, he or she would probably search for phrases such as, “Hot Stone Treatments in Raleigh”. As you can imagine, there are several spas that would love to have their websites show up in the top three results for these keywords. As a result, the higher your website and content ranks, the more likely you are to direct fresh clients to your spa and beat out your competitors. In order to improve search ranking, it is vital for a luxury spa and massage center to have a healthy online presence. If you are interested in learning how to make your website rank higher in Google search, please contact

While there have certainly been luxury day spas that have benefitted from improving their social media presences and search ranking, as a whole, there are very few that have taken advantage of the various resources that exist to benefit SEO. This is for a number of reasons. First of all, most owners of day spas simply do not have the time to sit down at a computer and put forth the effort to grow successful social media accounts. There is also the learning curve to overcome. It is extremely difficult for a beginner to figure out how to utilize social media resources to an advantage and how to produce genuine and beneficial content.

As a result, it is extremely tempting to purchase a package with an SEO agency that promises great results in a very short amount of time. However, the fact is that many of these SEO companies aren’t utilizing these resources in an organic matter. Instead, they are relying on faulty and dishonest tactics, such as purchasing false linkbacks or luring people in with flashy headlines, only to find that the content itself is recycled or loaded with irrelevant and phony keywords. These methods are now penalized by improved Google algorithms, which will actually punish your website and cause it to rank lower. As a result, reliance on an SEO company will inevitably prove to be a waste of energy and money.

There are much better and efficient ways to organically create results that will boost your online presence. It is best to hire a social media consultant who knows the ins and outs of online marketing. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to learn more, please contact Jesse Wojdylo.


Resources That Can Aid in Improving Your Social Media Presence

In order to improve your search rankings, you must first invest in strongly active accounts on the correct social media sites. Though they are certainly popular, Facebook and Twitter hold very little value when it comes to beating out your opponents for those coveted keywords. If you want your luxury spa to rank for “Spas with Foot Massages in Houston”, it will be necessary to know the ins and outs of Google+.

Google+ has several resources that cause it to be ahead of the game in terms of search ranking, especially when compared to other social networks. This is because the social platform of Google+ is intricately linked with many other Google products that directly influence search results. This is something that most SEO agencies completely overlook.

Given the time commitment needed and the learning curve, many business owners have found that hiring a social media consultant or copywriter to be prosperous. When searching for a copywriter, it is important to realize that those with large social media followings have many more opportunities than others. This is especially true on Google+. By hiring a Google+ professional, you can rest assured that the efforts of building a strong Google+ account will yield beneficial effects for your business. Please contact Jesse Wojdylo with any questions or concerns.

Google+ Has Great Resources – Take Advantage of Them

There are many ways in which Google+ can help your business improve its search rankings. First of all, the Google+ post is the primary foundation on which a successful business account is built upon. Google+ posts enable a person to write about anything, whether it is the spa services offered at your clinic, events that are going on in your area, or national news. This way, your business can engage with multiple people and power users, cultivate a large audience, and rank organically for multiple keywords. Google+ posts are indexed within Google search, often much higher than other results. This is very important, as Facebook posts and tweets are not indexed in search. Just by engaging with others, you are enabling your business to have a better shot at turning up in the search queries of potential clients.

There are also Google+ communities, which are groups focused on a certain interest that users can join. Therefore, a luxury spa could create multiple communities, based on topics such as “Hidden Gems in the Orlando Area”, or “Benefits of Massage Therapy”, and, of course, a community centered on your business itself.

As the administrator of your own community, you can create several “message boards” with different focuses. For example, you could have a subset for people to write reviews and recommendations, one for hours and locations, one for new services offered, and so on. As more and more users join the community, the larger it will become and the more likely it will be shared and become well-known. Maintaining multiple communities on various areas of interest will establish your profile as an authority on several topics. And seeing as Google+ communities also rank in search, this will provide yet another resource for potential clients to come across your luxury spa.

Having a large, well-kept community based on your luxury spa and massage center will act as a referral network for your business. There are very few day spas that have taken advantage of Google+ communities. As a result, becoming an early adopter will put you light years ahead of your competition. If you have any questions about Google+ communities, or if you are interested in hiring someone to maintain and grow communities for your business, feel free to e-mail

There are also Google Hangouts on Air (or HOAs), which are video calls between up to eight people. These HOAs can be made public for an audience to see them as they occur. HOAs also contain special features, such as the ability to take questions from the audience and answer them. At the completion of these hangouts, they are converted to YouTube videos, which are indexed in search as well.

HOAs are great for business owners to utilize, as they are easily accessible to everyone and require nothing but a microphone. For example, a luxury spa owner could host a hangout titled “Why Microdermabrasion Treatments are More Effective than Using a Clarisonic Brush”, or “Breaking the Stigma About Botox”. This will attract a large audience and will likely result in several shares, as these are topics that people will find intriguing. After being converted to YouTube videos, these hangouts provide yet another medium through which potential clients can locate you. A Google+ power user can help you to perform professional Hangouts on Air. If you have any questions regarding Google+ HOAs, or would like to know more about the potential benefits for your business, please contact me.

The aforementioned Google+ resources are easily accessible tools that should be taken advantage of. Through Google+, there are multiple ways that a business can rank for a plethora of keywords, many of which other popular day spas will be fighting for. As mentioned before, social media tools such as YouTube videos and Google+ posts aren’t even on the radars of SEO agencies. This means that most luxury spas are not utilizing these resources, instead relying on traditional advertising methods and word-of-mouth. As a result, there is a wide, bountiful frontier that is just waiting for somebody to take advantage of it. Now is the time to stake your claim in keywords through the usage of Google+.

By utilizing the Google+ platform, its resources, and the help of its most experienced power users, you are sure to see outstanding results. This is the best way to beat out your competitors at ranking for coveted search phrases such as, “Best Pedicures in Miami”. By the time other day spa contenders catch onto the success that comes along with a thriving Google+ profile, it will be impossible for them to catch up.

With the help of a skilled Google+ user, you will be able to conduct professional Google Hangouts on Air, create Google+ posts that rank well in search, and build a strong Google+ following for years to come. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact

Investing in a Content Writer

It is also a worthy investment to consider hiring a content writer. Without unique, quality content, all of your social media efforts will not reach their full potential. There is nothing that can replace the true value of an eloquent, well-marketed blog post. With a skillfully written blog post, you are given the ability to write your own thoughts and opinions on any topic you choose, even if it doesn’t necessarily relate directly to the services offered by your business. This is something that can’t be recreated anywhere else, as there is more freedom to compile a wide variety of resources on your website than there is on a Google+ account. These posts can also be organically laced with even more keywords that will help your search rankings.

The more content you produce, the better. The game is simple: the company that puts out the most content with the best social media strategy will become the fiercest competition. If you are putting out a blog post a month and your strongest competitor is putting out a post a day, it will be almost impossible to compete in the big scheme of things. High quality content and a prosperous social media presence will prove to be quite the dynamic duo.

Most business owners struggle with maintaining a blog and posting regularly, as it is a large time commitment. It is also difficult to produce lengthy articles that are fluid and engaging, especially if the business owner does not have any prior content writing experience. By hiring a content writer, you are ensuring that someone is producing fresh content at a rate that you could not do alone, and at a quality that is priceless.

In today’s society, in order to attract an influx of potential clients and rise above the rest, there is nothing quite as effective as building up your online presence. In order to achieve the best results, it is wise to hire a content writer and a social media guru. A Google+ expert can help you to take advantage of the tools Google+ has to offer, whereas a content writer will ensure that your website reaches its full potential and is viewed by a wide audience.

If you have any questions and would like to know more about Google+ and hiring a social media guru, please contact If you are looking to hire a content writer with experience in social media, Google+ and SEO, e-mail Lauren Sutton at

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