Madrid Life Snapchat Story on October 23rd, 2015

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Snapchat is starting to double up or do city life stories for a second time. Dublin was yesterday for the second time and now we have Madrid Life for the second time. It seems like each time we stop in one of these cities we learn something new. I am not opposed to doing a city a second time but I do feel as if Snapchat would be smart to go into some of the small country towns as well. Here are some of the screenshots of the Snapchat story:

madrid-spain-snapchat-story oldest-restaurant-madrid-snapchat snapchat-madrid-life madrid-life-snapchat-story

Do you think this Madrid Life Snapchat story was better than the one earlier this year? What do you think Snapchat has missed with the Madrid stories? Are you interested in watching the same cities again?

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