How to Make Money Writing Blog Posts Online

If you would like to make money writing blog posts for business professionals reach out to me at I have several positions available.

There are millions of Americans that would love to make a little bit of cash, through a side income, writing blog posts online. When I started my internet adventure back in 2008 one of the first things I searched was “How to Make Money Online”. Most of the results were garbage but there were a few things that remain with me to this day. To make money online you must be willing to produce content; preferably words on a page. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. If you cannot put words on a page you are not going to rank in Google search.

Get all the Facebook likes and retweets you want. That is not going to help you get to the front page of Google search for competitive keywords that are worth a significant amount of money. If you have the desire to make money online by writing blog posts there are a few things you must understand.

You Have to Be Willing to Write A Lot

Content Helps You Rank in Google Search

Learn From Others That Are Successful

Make Money Writing Today

You Have to Be Willing to Write A Lot

When I first started to make a significant amount of money I was publishing about 25 blog posts a day. I am not even kidding. When my “work day” was over my fingers literally hurt from all the typing I was doing. I even decided to buy a dictation program just to save my fingers some wear and tear. If you want to make money writing 500 words a day you are fooling yourself. That said, I do have technical writing positions available that allow you to write as few or as many blog posts as you would like. If you are interested in making a side income with technical writing reach out to me at

If you own a website or you want to snag professional clients you must understand that producing a large amount of content is necessary. This particular website has over 275 blog posts. Honestly, that is not nearly as many as I would like. I have been fortunate enough to acquire dozens of clients that also need content. My job is to assist my clients in getting to the front page of Google search therefore I must spend quite a bit of time creating and publishing content for them. If I only had one or two clients I would be posting multiple times a day to my business website.

If you are going to make money through advertising or by selling a service on your website you will need tons of content. A quick way to do a comparison with your competition is to go to Google and type site:www.[URL].com. You may have to take the www off that particular search query for some websites such as mine. As you can see from the photo below, I have 337 pages indexed on Google search. All things considered, the more quality pages you have indexed in Google search the more keywords you are going to rank for.


Content Helps You Rank in Google Search

If you ever wondered what doctors, dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, franchise owners, car dealerships, retirement communities, orthodontists and other service professionals are willing to pay for you can look no further than ranking in Google search. While the buzz phrase of 2014 and 2015 is “social media marketing” I can assure you that most lawyers simply want to rank #1 for “[My town] personal injury lawyer”. They could care less how many people are following them on Twitter or have liked their Facebook page. They get clients and customers from Google search.

This is another reason you must be very good at creating content through blog posts. The tried and true method to help any service professional or business rank in Google search is by creating valuable content. The best way to do this is through blog posts. Unfortunately, most SEO agencies and firms do not offer a significant content package as they offer the “magical” SEO. Rather than trying to come up with some magic it is better to simply write amazing content that will naturally receive links.

If you are looking to make money, on the side, writing blog posts for business professionals do not hesitate to reach out to me at There are several clients I have that could benefit from fresh content from a brain that truly understands SEO copywriting. Even if you are new to copywriting there is a good chance I can teach you the proper way to construct a blog post that will be consumed by visitors and ultimately rank well in Google search.

Learn From Others That Are Successful

For the first three years of my blogging/content creation career I made a lot of mistakes. I didn’t know what was valuable to the reader of a website. Rather than going through those growing pains it is a good idea to reach out to someone that has already gone through those experiences. It never hurts to ask. There are thousands of people online that will be more than willing to take a phone call to help you progress with your career of working online as a copywriter or content creator.

I would strongly suggest working with someone that already has several clients that need content to rank in search. Working with a company that produces content for business websites will open your eyes to the necessary steps to rank in Google search. On the side, you can create blog posts for your website that fit the proper SEO copywriting criteria. Something I want to point out is that you should never duplicate content across multiple websites. If you are writing content for a client that content is owned by the client. You do not have the write to publish it on another website.

There are so many SEO and social media businesses online looking to cut corners. They will use the same blog posts for multiple clients as well as their own website. I cannot explain how dishonest this is. When creating content or blog posts publish it in one place. If you want to gain even more exposure write a completely unique blog post to publish elsewhere. Ultimately, your hard work will be well worth it as you will never have to worry about duplicate content on the web.

Make Money Writing Today

If you want to start making money by writing blog posts today contact me at I will be more than happy to read some writing samples and determine if you can help my business and my clients. Please understand that I only accept content that is of the highest standard. Poorly written content and grammatical errors are unacceptable. This is why I am very strict when it comes to the individuals I am willing to hire.

I also work one on one with my writers to help them progress in their writing careers. Writing content online will help you gain a tremendous amount of exposure. In six years I have had over 100 million views on my content. This has allowed me to become one of the top content creation social media companies on the web. If you want to learn to write in a way that will make you money only contact me today. I will be more than happy to discuss some potential opportunities or give you some advice on how to enhance your own blog or website.

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    I agree to this. Most of my friends are freelancers and they are doing online writing jobs in different blogs and they are earning so much that they are making more than 300 bucks per week. I will definitely share your ideas and do’s and donts to them. thanks for posting this.

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