How to Make My Eyes Blue on Snapchat

For those that use Snapchat a lot it is likely the case that someone that does not have blue eyes has sent you a private snap in which they do have blue eyes. Anyone with brown or darker eyes always wonders what they would look like with blue eyes. There have been a number of selfie filters, including the recent princess filter, that allows Snapchat users to take a selfie with blue eyes.

If you are wondering how you do it, simply put your phone in selfie mode, hold down on your face and check out some of the filters. At the present time there might not be a filter that allows you to change your eyes to blue but within the next week or two there will likely be one. Remember that Snapchat constantly rotates the filters so you will be able to use one that turns your eyes blue in the near future.

You can also be silly and simply draw on the screen with the pen feature but it is not nearly as good as sone of the selfie filters that will make your eyes a very bright blue. This will be especially popular for Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and UNC fans. Have you tried the Snapchat selfie filters that make your eyes blue? Do you send private snaps of these selfie filters?

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