How Many People Are Watching Snapchat Stories?

Every time I open Snapchat I wonder just how many people are watching the Snapchat Stories that are provided by Snapchat. Over there last 30 days I have documented all of these stories at the What’s on Snapchat Stories Today? page. Recently, I have read a few articles that claim Snapchat is getting between 24 and 26 million views on their more popular stories.

Friday and Saturday Snapchat created a story for Wear Yellow for Seth. This was an intriguing story for me because I had no idea what “Wear Yellow for Seth” was. Obviously, I watched it a few times and started to do my research. The same was true for thousands of others as my “Wear Yellow for Seth” article received the most hits of any of my Snapchat Today posts. That said, I cannot believe that 26 million people watched this story.

That is an enormous number. Business Insider has reported similar numbers for other Snapchat Stories. What Business Insider has not told readers is that 26 million views is not 26 million people. I viewed the Wear Yellow for Seth Story at least five times during the 24 hour period in which it was live. I would imagine many other users are doing the same. I would argue that younger Snapchat users are viewing stories dozens of times a day as they have nothing else to do when they are bored between classes or in school.

I do believe Snapchat is getting huge engagement numbers. That said, they are not getting numbers that are larger than March Madness NCAA viewers. It will likely be the case that no cable TV show receives this many viewers in the entire year of 2015. I would love to get an official number of the total number of viewers rather than the number of views. This is a game that has been played on social media quite a bit lately. Everyone wants Facebook likes or views on YouTube but that is not a total number. Many Facebook likes are people with multiple accounts and YouTube views are total views where some will watch the same video dozens of times.

Until Snapchat goes public we will not know the exact numbers when it comes to total users watching Snapchat Stories. Once the company goes through an IPO and has to report financial statements we may better learn just how many people are watching these stories on a daily basis. Until then, keeping guessing…

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