Mariah Carey Lip Syncing Disaster at New Years Eve 2017

Mariah Carey was the disaster of the Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve. She was trying to lip sync “Emotion” but it ended up being horrendous. She tried to do her best to play it off but it ended up not working out at all. Expect to see YouTube videos up in the next five minutes. As soon as one of the videos go up we will post it here.

Here is the YouTube Video:

Here is a quick Twitter video:

Did you see Mariah Carey’s “Emotion” disaster on ABC? If so, have you found a video on Youtube yet? If so, post the link below so we can embed the video.

Well, now she is trying to lip sync “We Belong Together” and it is even worse. Oh, Mariah.

Is it possible that she was drunk? What was that?

36 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Lip Syncing Disaster at New Years Eve 2017

  1. 2017, year of the clowns

    Awesome! You got this up quick! WTF even happened on the first song? The whole thing was a disaster! Then the second song she didn’t even care. She stopped singing in different parts. Was awful. I used to like her, but now it seems like she’s incredibly unreasonable and even a gold digger with her own wealth by manner in which she wished to sue that recent beau. Glad this happened to her. She got clowned.

    1. Hope

      I know your trying to be positive but reallyπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜
      Maybe she her necklace caused an allergic reaction and she couldn’t sing

  2. El

    That’s what happens when you think you’re too good to rehearse. I just read that her team asked what time the ball drops… Idiots

  3. Rebecca Pratt

    Disgusting. Owe up to being,a hasbeen and let someone who can sing and has taste entertain us. And your outfit was ugly and disgusting

    1. Hope

      Ok we get it she screwed up could u tone it down. She already has to deal with social media. She shouldn’t have to deal with nitpicking haters like I know ur not

  4. Caylan

    OMG I was watching this and thought really are they gonna let her get away with this bad of lip synching… Cause they immediately cut to fans but once they cut back to Mariah it was over her cherade was plain to see for the whole world…

  5. Susan

    She is a joke! If she cannot perform live, why do companies even hire her? how many times does she have to get caught lip syncing before she learns? Laughed my a– off.

  6. Vickie Jo

    They played the wrong lip sync track? So what! Doesn’t she know the words?!? No excuse! She’s a seasoned performer. She should have got her act together and belted it out with the lip sync track. What an overrated diva! I bet once she got off stage heads started to roll!

  7. Derek Drowne

    2016 wasnt going away without one more death……whatever might have been left of Mariah Carey’s career.

  8. Suzie

    How awful! Mariah Carey was one of my favorite artists. What a disaster. Everyone who has ever performed knows that you never let the audience know you/your crew messed up. She’s not the pure vocal beauty she used to be. So sad that her money went to her head.

  9. facts

    How embarrassing!! Painful to watch! She is definitely washed up..can’t wait to hear of all the lip singing mishaps and diva tantrums on her couldn’t pay me to go to see her!!! So awesome to end the new year with her career as well. Lmao!!

  10. Mark

    The perfect storm. Sounded like one of those overnight automated AM radio stations with extra double audio. Should have practiced more in the car on way over.

  11. Chris Rutledge

    I think it’s doing her a sizeable discredit to think she doesn’t know her stuff inside and out.

    Far more likely is that nothing was coming through her in-ear monitor.

    If she could have heard anything she would have been able to do a decent job lip syncing. I think that the fact that she was able to even approximate the proper words at *any* point is a testament to her stage prep.

  12. Jen

    Why is it we could clearly hear her say things like, “turn off the monitors” and “we chic not have a proper sound check”? Just sing! Perform! Do what you are there to do.


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