Martinque Life Snapchat Story on November 19th, 2015

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One of the final islands in the week of islands on Snapchat is Martinque. I have a suspicion that many that use Snapchat didn’t even know this island existed. Now Snapchat users are already planning their spring break to this part of the Caribbean. I too was unaware of the beauty of this island. This is just another reason Snapchat has changed the way we consume content. Here are a few of the screenshots I took of this Snapchat story:

snapchat-martinique-island martinique-blue-water-snapchat martinique-snapchat-ocean martinque-snapchat-story

It was interesting to see some of the views from high schools throughout the island. I think it is safe to say many of us that grew up in small towns would have loved to go to a high school with this type of view.

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