Mayweather’s Last Fight Snapchat Story on September 12th, 2015

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Was this really Floyd Mayweather’s last fight? I guess we won’t know for a few months or years but it was fun to watch the events unfold on Snapchat. Snapchat has become the place to go to get results of sporting events on Pay Per View. Instead of paying $50 or $60 to watch the fight I can simply check out the 250 second Snapchat story and get all the information I need. Here are a few screenshots I took of Mayweather vs Berto:

IMG_4219 mayweather-interview-snapchat last-mayweather-fight-snapchat snapchat-mayweather-last-fight mayweather-berto-snapchat

Hopefully we will get to see plenty more Floyd Mayweather Snapchat stories in the near future but it looks as if retirement is close. Are you a boxing fan? Do you find these Snapchat stories to be entertaining? How could Snapchat make the boxing stories even better?

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