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Any lawyer knows how competitive it is when attempting to rank for “money” keywords related to Medical Malpractice on Google search. In fact, those that want to purchase Google Ads through Adwords can spend as much as $50 to $100 per click. This is a quick way to rank at the top of search, but it is very expensive. Medical Malpractice lawyers may feel as if this investment is worth it as they only need one client to pay off thousands of Google Ad clicks.

Some Medical Malpractice lawyers would rather go the route of organic search as this is often less expensive and more long term. Ranking on the front page for “Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Las Vegas” could net a law firm or law office over a million dollars over the course of a year. This is why medical malpractice copywriting and SEO services have become very popular in the last decade.

When looking for personal injury lawyer SEO or copywriting for your law firm do not hesitate to reach out to me today. I will be more than happy to help you better understand how you can get more cases from your website.


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How Can Medical Malpractice Lawyers Create Content?

Creating content that is not only accepted but shared can be very difficult. It takes a very creative mind to come up with some types of viral content. There are many ways in which a Medical Malpractice lawyer can create amazing content that is consumed by those seeking legal advice. The first thing to understand is that content does not have to be in the form of just blog post or articles. It can include photographs, videos or podcasts. There are plenty of great resources available to make it much easier to come up with these different types of content.

YouTube is very effective when it comes to creating short videos. It might be worth it to create a video series in which you answer questions on one of the following areas of practice:

  • Car, van, bus or trucking accidents
  • Any automobile or ATV accidents
  • Serious workplace accidents
  • Fire, explosion and burn injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Birth injuries or defects
  • Nursing home neglect and physical abuse
  • Negligent security and victims of crime at the workplace
  • Wrongful death
  • Doctor error
  • Nursing error
  • Pharmacist error
  • Birth injuries
  • Nursing home neglect
  • Teaching hospitals

Soundcloud allows anyone to upload a podcast which will then have a URL to share. These Soundcloud files are also indexed in search and can be shared on a website. This can be very useful when Medical Malpractice questions come up.

Finding the write copywriter or legal content writing team can be extremely difficult when it comes to medical malpractice. This is a very touchy subject and the facts need to be 100% correct. If you are looking for medical malpractice copywriters do not hesitate to reach out to me at I have created a team of legal writers that can help you get more cases from the Internet and your website.

What Should a Lawyer Do For SEO in 2015 and 2016?

As mentioned earlier, many SEO companies are scrambling due to Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. All Medical Malpractice Lawyers should do a little bit of research before hiring an SEO firm. Most SEO firms push a two year long contract. If an SEO firm continues to push you into a contract in which you do not feel comfortable it might be best to walk away. In fact, it would be advisable to have a few conversations with an SEO consultant to get a better feel of the services offered. It is also wise to ask for some ideas as to how they will market your business in a way that is outside the box. If they are going to set up a Twitter feed, a Facebook page and a Google+ business page and autogenerate posts to these pages you are not going to get the most bang for your buck.

What is the Competition Doing?

With any competitive industry it is always a good idea to analyze the competition. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and energy. Some law firms may be able to assign this to a paralegal but do they have a background in search engine optimization to see the underlying strategy when it comes to ranking in Google search? This type of research needs to be completed by someone that has worked with other lawyers and attorneys; someone that knows the strategy behind every move on the chess board.

Some of the proper SEO strategies are not noticeable to an individual that does not live, eat, breathe and sleep Google search rankings. Just today I was completing a research project related to length of literature versus the ranking in Google search. Medical Malpractice Lawyers do not have the time to complete a study such as this. Even if the study is completed by a third party it takes time to find verifiable results and read the entire methodology. Allow another respected professional to do this for you. If you need someone to analyze your competition and come up with a strategy moving forward feel free to reach out to me at

I thoroughly enjoy talking business strategy as it relates to competitors in an industry. I am an individual that keeps emotions out of the analysis and simply shares the data. If competitor X is producing 10 quality pieces of content every single month it stands to reason you should be doing at least that much, or more. The cost of doing business means putting forth capital to stay ahead. If your competition is passing you it may take months or years of content creation for a website to even grace the presence of the front page of Google search. This could be money lost each and every day.

There are potential clients using Google search right now to find a reputable and respected Medial Malpractice Lawyer. If your website has stale content and has not been updated in months, or even years, there is a good chance the competitor across the street is going to show up in Google search above you and get that client or customer. This is a tough pill to swallow for many. Do not allow a simple SEO “strategy” ruin the opportunity to grow your practice in 2015 and 2016. Putting the correct people in place is more than half of the battle. As a Medical Malpractice Lawyer you do not have the time to research all the changes related to Google algorithms, Google Local and how Google Maps are showing up in search. Allow someone that has this skill set to differentiate your business from the competition.

Google Algorithm Changes in 2015/2016

No matter how much Medical Malpractice Lawyers do not want it to happen, there will be Google algorithm changes sometime in 2016. In fact, the Google algorithm is constantly changing. Google only announces the major changes that affect over 1% of search phrases. It always seems to be the case that algorithm changes only affect 1% or 2% of searches but those searches are for your practice. Rather than having to worry about any types of changes in the upcoming months or years it is best to use the proper practices in SEO.

The best practice when it comes to Lawyer SEO is to do what makes sense. Does it make sense to go out and ask for links from a German Shepherd puppy website? Most likely not. It would make sense that a guest post from a newspaper or legal publication links to your website. No matter how smart you are there is no chance you are going to snow over Google in the long term. Their algorithms are build to bring the quality to the top. If you have a quality website that provides great content it will naturally start to rise.

Something I would like to stress to anyone in a legal profession is patience. When seeking compensation for any type of medical malpractice it takes time. There are going to be some up days and down days. The same is true when it comes to Google search. You may have one day in which your website receives 75 visits and the next day it may only receive 24 visits. I would never suggest tracking search traffic on a daily basis. A weekly or monthly report would be best. If you start to worry about each and every keyword you are going to drive yourself crazy.

It stands to reason that Google will announce a major algorithm update in the next 30 to 60 days. This will likely be early 2016. That said, I have no inside information. Having been in the search marketing industry for a long time I can tell you that Google will roll out an algorithm change and they will not confirm it until a major media publication does the research. Matt Cutts has stated that Facebook and Twitter links do not affect Google search but he has not mentioned anything related to Google algorithm updates thus far in 2016. Be prepared by doing what comes natural and you won’t have to worry about any changes in the future. In fact, they will end up helping your website rather than hurting it.

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