Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Snapchat Story on November 3rd, 2015

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Horse racing is huge all over the world. With purses of $5 million and more available to winners it makes sense that anyone that has money and is competitive will get into equestrian. Today, we had the opportunity to enjoy some of the horse races that took place at the Melbourne Cup event. I am very naive to how this type of horse racing event works but I do know there is some big money in it. Here are a few of the screenshots I took of this Snapchat story:

female-horse-racing-snapchat snapchat-horse-racing-australia-cup horse-racing-down-under-snapchat melbourne-horse-racing melbourne-cup-snapchat-story australia-horse-racing-snapchat

With over 100,000 fans at this event it makes sense that Snapchat would have a devoted story to the Melbourne Cup. What did you think about this Snapchat story? Could it have been done better?

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