Monster Jam Snapchat Story on March 28th, 2015

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There are plenty of huge events happening this weekend and a few will be featured on Snapchat with stories. An event that caught my attention was Monster Jam as I did not even think about this for a Snapchat Story. I thought they would focus on the March Madness NCAA Tournament again but they decided to put up a Monster Jam Snapchat Story. Honestly, it was a pretty cool story in my opinion. There were some videos of the monster trucks going over cars and even a few of them flipping over. Here are some of the screenshots I took:

snapchat-monster-jam-story max-d-snapchat-story grave-digger-snapchat-story girl-at-monsterjam-snapchat-story monster-snapchat-story monsterjam-snapchat-story snpachat-story-monster-trucks zombie-truck-monster-jam-snapchat monster-jam-snapchat-story

When I was little I watched Grave Digger, Bigfoot and the other popular Monster Trucks on ESPN and other sports channels. I have never been to a Monster Jam event but this one looks like a good time. There were also a few Snapchat videos of the motorcycles making big jumps too. I assume Monster Jam is an entire day or afternoon event.

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