Mortgage Broker and Lender SEO Keywords for 2016

If you are a mortgage broker or lender that wants to rank higher in Google search reach out to me at I have monthly SEO packages that can help you get more clients and business through search.

Mortgage rates have been all over the map lately. Several brokers and financial advisors have contacted me asking how they can take advantage of this from an SEO and Google search perspective. When interest rates are in flux you can guarantee people are searching Google for answers. They are also search for Google for the best refinance rates or first time home buyers rates. If you are on the top of Google search they are likely calling you right now. If you are not at the top of the Google search you are missing out on potential business. You could greatly benefit from Mortgage broker or lender SEO help.

Sometimes I feel as if Google search was built for the financial industry. There are so many questions and concerns people have when it comes to money. Part of it is because we were not formally educated on how to write a check or determine how much interest will be paid on a loan. The other part of it is most people do not want to address their financial problems until they have run out of money. Trust me, there are plenty of searching for “low credit score, need money now!”


With this in mind, it is a very good decision to stake your claim as an expert in the mortgage industry on the Internet. If you are a mortgage broker or lender you are already an expert as 95% of the United States population is financially illiterate. That is just me throwing a number out there but I bet it is close. With financial problems all over why not offer a way to help them? What better way than to offer the lowest possible mortgage interest rates. And there we have it, the importance of keywords in the mortgage industry. Notice “lowest possible mortgage rates”. Have you optimized for this keyword?

Here are a few keywords that people search in addition to mortgage rates:

  • lowest
  • most attractive
  • average
  • today’s
  • best
  • fixed
  • adjustable
  • quotes
  • cheap
  • affordable
  • payments
  • historical
  • charts
  • forecast
  • trends
  • predictions

I could go on and on and on, but I will stop there. You get the idea. With a large majority of the United States population not educated when it comes to financial keywords they are not going to search the same way you do. You may know that the FHA rates are different than VA rates. The common American probably has no idea why they are different. They may search for “VA Home Loan Rates” with you finding out they can only qualify for an FHA loan. These are things to consider when you create the content for your mortgage website. You could dominate for California FHA loan limits if you are willing to become the expert.

If you have had trouble getting traffic for mortgage and financial related keywords reach out to me at I have outranked banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citibank for keywords related to mortgage products. I can help you do it with your mortgage website as well.

In 2016 and beyond new keywords will pop up every single month. There are plenty of government programs that will come and go. There will be mortgage programs for recent grads and retirees. There will be banks that offer a special month long promotion. It is important to stay on top of these time sensitive keywords as this is the way you will improve your SEO and link portfolio.

The government has worked very hard with HARP and HAMP guidelines. Although these are no longer heavily searched keyword phrases they are still issues that arise in many households throughout the United States. Whether you are a mortgage broker in Houston, Texas or San Francisco, California there are government programs that can potentially help your clients. The FHA has assisted a number of borrowers but you may able to help them even more with the Making Home Affordable Program. Ranking for these keywords could be extremely valuable for brokers with a strong web presence. Getting daily phone calls from those looking to refinance or get their first mortgage will mean more money in your pocket.

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  16. Zachary Horton

    Hi Jesse, thank you for a great blog. I am currently creating a mortgage and home loan website for a client. They already have several sites already and want this particular one is to be focused on lead generation for local areas. This is the first website I have created for the housing industry and I was hoping you could give me some advice based on local keywords in this particular industry. I’ll put the link below if you want to check it out to get a better idea on what they would like to rank for. I appreciate a great blog and look forward to your advice! Thanks in advance.


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