Can Mortgage Brokers Trigger Google Local Search Results For Different Cities?

One of the most valuable pieces of online real estate is the Google Maps result on the front page of Google search. Having a search result that looks like this on the right hand side of Google’s front page can prove to be worth more than any other type of Internet advertising:


Note that this is a search for “Statesville, NC mortgage broker” yet the address of the home office is in Mooresville, NC. How is it possible that a mortgage broker in another city or town is dominating the front page of Google search? Since the latest Google Pigeon update in the summer of 2014 we have learned that overall Internet presence on a specific subject matter is extremely important.

If a mortgage broker website has quality content and links containing a specific city or town Google’s algorithms recognize that. This is not to say a mortgage broker can rank for every single city in the state of California. That said, they can definitely start to build out their website with content related to the town in which they are located. After they build out their local city or town they can expand into neighboring towns. If this is something you desire reach out to me today at I have worked with a number of mortgage brokers that have been able to expand their business because of a strong Internet presence.

When it comes to ranking in the Google Local map search results remember that location does matter but quality content and natural SEO is just as important. I have seen some mortgage brokers outrank those closer to a town or city simply because they have a very strong website with great content and a fantastic link portfolio. Note that it takes time to build this out but once a web presence has been established you will be able to get mortgage clients for many years down the road.

If you have any questions about mortgage broker SEO or ranking in the local maps reach out to me today. I will be more than happy to help you understand how you can beat your competition. I also have monthly SEO packages that will improve the search rankings of your website.

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