How Many Mortgage Leads Can I Get From My Website?

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Over the last decade more and more mortgage brokers have realized the power of ranking on the front page of Google Search. No longer is it the case that referrals are the #1 way to get leads in the lending industry. In fact, some mortgage brokers and lenders are getting over 50% of their leads from a website or online presence. Before sinking the majority of your marketing dollars into print marketing such as newspaper or magazine ads you might want to consider spending money on Mortgage Broker SEO.

One of the reasons a website can be successful in generating leads is the intent of the searcher. When someone uses the Google search engine, on their phone or on a computer, they have the intent to buy. This means they are much more willing to pick up the phone and call a broker. When reading a magazine or newspaper you are simply exposing your services to someone that may consider calling you. The follow through or conversion rate is much higher when it comes to those searching on Google.

Before assuming you can put up a website and immediately start getting leads, you must understand the finance industry is very competitive online. So much so that Goole charges a premium for “mortgage” related Google ads. Some lenders or brokers will have to pay in excess of $50 a click for mortgage related terms.

Rather than paying these high prices for ad clicks it is wise to consider ranking organically in Google search. Organic search rankings are the rankings that do not cost per click. These are the long tail keywords such as “best mortgage broker in Hillsborough, NC”. The more focused the keyword phrase, the more likely the client is going to pick up the phone and make a call.

In time, more mortgage brokers are going to try to get the majority of their leads from a website. The reason for this is because the lead is very hot when coming directly from a website. Potential clients trust Google and if your mortgage website ranks on the front page of Google, searchers automatically assume you are one of the best mortgage brokers in the area.

Note that it takes time to rank a website on the front page of Google search. That said, the more content and SEO efforts you put in, the quicker you will rank. There is no such thing as too much content so get out there and publish as much as you can to your mortgage blog. This could help you avoid paying those high fees for newspaper, radio or TV ads. You will also find your conversion rate is significantly higher.

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