Mother’s Day in the US Snapchat Story on May 10th, 2015

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This was a very unique Snapchat Story in that it featured people from all over the United States. Unlike most Snapchat Stories that are location based this one had children from many different towns and cities wishing their mothers and grandmothers a Happy Mother’s Day. It will be interesting to see how Snapchat does the Happy Father’s Day story in two months. For now, check out the screenshots of the Mother’s Day Snapchat Story:

mothers-day-kiss-snapchat-story grandmother-mothers-day-snapchat call-your-mother-snapchat-story mothers-day-snapchat-story

The video of the girl giving her mother a kiss was adorable. There were plenty of other cool videos and pictures that were likely enjoyed by Snapchatters all over the world. If you are not in the United States, do you celebrate Mother’s Day? What day is it? Is it in the late spring/early summer?

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